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Most Downloaded Files Today (Click for full description)
#1   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.0- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
#2   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.6.6.294- A powerful tool to remove malware.
  LibreOffice Portable v7.6.2- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
  PrivaZer v4.0.79- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
#5   NirLauncher v1.30.6- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
#6   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.2- Emergency boot disk based on Win 10 PE x64.
#7   SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.73- Complete computer/network info.
#8   Windows Repair v4.14.0- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
#9    Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.
#10   Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.3.7- Fastest way to download your repair tools.

  Log of updated or added files by date (Click for full description)
 UPDATED 11/27  Password Safe v3.64.1- Create an encrypted username/password list.
 UPDATED 11/27  WirelessKeyView v2.23- Recover lost WiFi passwords stored in Windows.
 UPDATED 11/27  TeraCopy v3.12- Copy your files faster and more securely in Windows.
 UPDATED 11/22  WinMerge v2.16.34- Free differencing and merging tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/22  WinMerge Portable v2.16.32- Free, portable differencing and merging tool for Windows.
 NEW 11/22  muffon v2.0.1- Search for your music and muffon will scour the planet for it.
 UPDATED 11/21  Autorun Organizer v5.39- Windows startup manager with VirusTotal scanning built-in.
 UPDATED 11/21  AMD Auto-Detect and Install Tool v23.11.1- Auto detects & installs AMD drivers.
 UPDATED 11/21  Nmap Security Scanner v7.94- Open source utility for network auditing.
 UPDATED 11/21  Qtractor v0.9.36- An open source audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for Linux.
 UPDATED 11/21  SAGA GIS v9.2.0- Open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software.
 UPDATED 11/21  DevToys v1.0.13.0- A free Swiss Army knife for helping developers with daily tasks.
 UPDATED 11/21  CrystalDiskInfo v9.2.0- Monitors disk health, status, temp, S.M.A.R.T. info.
 UPDATED 11/20  TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker v1.17.1- Checks for NVIDIA GPU driver updates.
 REFRESH 11/20  Windows Menu Editor v1.0.1- Change Win11 right-click menu to old Win10 style.
 UPDATED 11/20  Antivirus Removal Tool 2023.11- Free tool to completely remove antivirus software.
 UPDATED 11/20  Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.7- Remove large amounts of applications quickly.
 UPDATED 11/20  McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.665- Free program to remove viruses & malware.
 NEW 11/20  mobslide v0.0.1- Turn your smartphone into presentation remote controller.
 UPDATED 11/20  ExplorerPatcher v22621.2506.60.1- Enhance the working environment of Windows.
 UPDATED 11/17  Blender v4.0.1- A free and open source 3D animation and #gamedev suite.
 UPDATED 11/17  Demucs GUI v1.0- Open source tool to separate music files into separate tracks.
 NEW 11/17  Waterfox vG6.0.5- A free, fast and private web browser based on Gecko.
 UPDATED 11/17  Audacity v3.4.2- Free, open source, cross-platform audio software.
 UPDATED 11/17  Calibre v7.0.0- A free, open source e-book library management application.
 UPDATED 11/17  UpdateHub v2.3.1- A free app that simplifies updating software on your computer.
 UPDATED 11/16  Malwarebytes Browser Guard v2.6.13/15- Filters ads, scams & trackers that spy on you.
 UPDATED 11/16  Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova Portable v115.4.2- Run from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 11/16  Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova v115.4.3- Latest generation of Mozilla's email client.
 UPDATED 11/16  f.lux v4.126- Makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day.
 NEW 11/15  CPU Temp v1.3.1.0- A free CPU temperature monitor for Windows.
 NEW 11/15  DavMail v6.2.0- Use any mail client with Exchange, Office 365 & Outlook Web Access.
 UPDATED 11/15  PingInfoView v3.01- Easily ping multiple hosts & IPs and view in one table.
 UPDATED 11/15  HWiNFO v7.66- Free hardware information & diagnostic tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/15  IP-Tools v5.6.6- A free set of nine network tools for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 11/14  YUMI v1.0.2.4- A USB boot media creation tool to make a multisystem flash drive.
 UPDATED 11/14  XMedia Recode v3.5.8.7- Converts almost all known audio/video formats for free.
 UPDATED 11/14  Text Editor Pro v28.0.0- Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 11/14  SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.74- Complete computer/network info.
 UPDATED 11/13  7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.15- Configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 11/13  ZoomIt v7.2- A free screen zoom, annotation, record tool for presentations & demos.
 UPDATED 11/13  WizTree v4.16- World's fastest, free hard disk space analyzer.
 UPDATED 11/13  WSCC v7.0.7.3- The free tools you need to repair Windows in one portable app.
 NEW 11/10  HDD Raw Copy Tool v1.20- Portable utility for sector-by-sector hard disk duplication.
 REFRESH 11/10  XM Solitaire v1.7- 200 free card games (Freecell, Klondike, Fan, Spider, & more).
 REFRESH 11/10  Sugar on a Stick v0.118- Flash drive image with the Sugar Learning Platform for kids.
 UPDATED 11/10  Perpetual Notes v4.01- Write beautifully. Organize easily. Find everything.
 REFRESH 11/09  Jarte Plus v6.2- Free editor that's Microsoft WordPad on steroids!
 UPDATED 11/09  PEAnatomist v0.2- Shows known data structures in a PE file with analytics.
 UPDATED 11/09  PPEE (puppy) v1.13- A pro PE file explorer for reversers & malware researchers.
 UPDATED 11/08  ImageFinder v1.005- Free program for finding & removing identical & similar images.
 UPDATED 11/08  RegCool v1.347- An advanced registry editor with features missing in Regedit.
 UPDATED 11/08  TweakPower v2.047- Free & junkware-free program to tune-up your computer.
 UPDATED 11/08  HDCleaner v2.061 Comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance in Windows.
 UPDATED 11/08  Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC) v2.1.1- Free audio/video player.
 NEW 11/08  Gaia Sky v3.5.7- Real-time 3D astronomy visualization software - Univ. of Heidelberg.
 UPDATED 11/08  EverythingToolbar v1.3.2- Instant file search for the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 11/08  Gimp v2.10.36- Free & open source image editor for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 NEW 11/08  LView Pro 2006- Remember when this was all the rage? It's totally free now!!
 UPDATED 11/08  Textadept v12.2- A fast, minimalist, extensible cross-platform text editor.
 UPDATED 11/07  SlickRun v4.5.1.0- A free-floating command line utility for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/07  CSVed v2.5.7- An easy, free and powerful CSV file editor.
 UPDATED 11/07  The Dude Network Monitor v7.11.2- Free tool to create a live map of your network.
 NEW 11/07  Simple VHD Manager v1.5- Free tool to simplify adding/removing Virtual Hard Disks.
 NEW 11/07  Wi-Fi Filter Tool v1.0- A free tool to filter-out unwanted wireless networks.
 UPDATED 11/06  WinContig v5.0.1.1- Free tool to defrag designated parts or all of a hard drive.
 UPDATED 11/06  AllDup v4.5.52- A freeware tool to find & remove duplicate files in Windows.
 UPDATED 11/06  User Tool v1.5- A free, portable tool to perform local user ops by just clicking buttons.
 UPDATED 11/06  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.6.6.294- A powerful tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 11/06  CoolTerm v2.0.1- A simple, free serial port terminal application.
 UPDATED 11/03  MobaXterm Home Edition v23.4- Enhanced terminal with X11, SSH, tools and more.
 UPDATED 11/03  Info-Base v12.8- Free personal information manager and free-form database.
 UPDATED 11/03  Treesheets v6738182485- Free, open source, free form data organizer.
 UPDATED 11/03  simplewall v3.7.5- Free firewall tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform.
 UPDATED 11/03  BIOS Beep Codes Viewer v11.1.1.1959- Free utility that interprets BIOS beep codes.
 UPDATED 11/03  CurrPorts v2.76- Free tool that monitors opened TCP/IP network ports/connections.
 UPDATED 11/02  Upscayl v2.9.1- Free, open source AI image upscaler for Linux, macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 11/02  Firewall Tool v1.2- A free tool to make working with the Windows Firewall much easier.
 NEW 11/02  System Restore Tool v1.0- A free tool for working with Windows System Restore.
 UPDATED 11/02  TagScanner v6.1.16- A powerful tool for organizing & managing your music collection.
 UPDATED 11/01  USB Repair v11.2.3.2380- A free tool that attempts to fix USB device errors.
 UPDATED 11/01  Firemin v11.8.3.8398- Free utility to reduce the memory Firefox or other browsers use.
 NEW 11/01  Carbon CD v1.0.8- Free, portable CD cloning and imaging program.
 NEW 11/01  Pixel Repair v11.1.1.1008- A free stuck pixel repair tool for LCD and OLED screens.
 UPDATED 11/01  Complete Internet Repair v11.1.3.6508- Free tool to repair internet connections.
 NEW 11/01  anyPDf v1.1.0.0- Free program to work with PDF files in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.
 NEW 10/31  Breakout v1.0- A blast from the past! (Use your arrow keys and spacebar)
 NEW 10/31  PacMan v1.0- What's to say? It's free and it's PacMan! Have fun! (Use your arrow keys)
 NEW 10/31  Pinball v1.0- A 3D remake of the original Windows Pinball: Space Cadet game.
 UPDATED 10/31  VLC v3.0.20- A free and open source cross-platform multimedia player.
 UPDATED 10/31  Q-Dir v11.44- Free, quadro-view file management system for Windows.
 UPDATED 10/31  Resource Hacker v5.2.4- A free resource compiler & decompiler for Windows.
 NEW 10/31  Printer Migration- The original printer migration tool found in early versions of Win10.
 UPDATED 10/30  RJ TextEd v16.0- Unicode source, text, web (PHP, ASP, JS, HTML, CSS) dev editor.
 UPDATED 10/30  ToDoList v8.2.6.0- A flexible, effective and FREE way to manage your busy life.
 NEW 10/30  Pumpkin Theme v1.0- A free Pumpkin theme for your desktop.
 UPDATED 10/30  Creepy Cobwebs Desktop Theme- A free, creepy Windows desktop theme.
 UPDATED 10/30  Eerie Autumn Desktop Theme- A free creepy & dark theme for your desktop.
 UPDATED 10/30  Trick or Treat Desktop Theme- A free Halloween trick or treat desktop theme.
 UPDATED 10/30  Ticket to Fear Halloween Desktop Theme- Creepy Halloween desktop theme.
 UPDATED 10/30  Cute Halloween Desktop Theme- Hide how disturbing you are from your co-workers.
 UPDATED 10/30  Creepy Clown Desktop Theme- Nope. Nope. Nope.
 UPDATED 10/29  WhyNotWin11 v2.5.0.5- Free tool to learn why your PC is not Windows 11 ready.
 NEW 10/27  eleven-percent v0.0.2- Shows the battery percentage in the system tray in Windows 11.
 UPDATED 10/27  QuickTextPaste v8.74- Insert pre-defined text into programs with hotkeys.
 UPDATED 10/27  FileOptimizer v16.40.2781- Advanced file optimizer featuring lossless file size reduction.
 NEW 10/27  CBconvert v1.0.0- A free comic book converter for Windows, macOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 10/26  Wireless Network Watcher v2.40- Displays list of devices connected to your WiFi.
 UPDATED 10/26  PrivaZer v4.0.79- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
 UPDATED 10/26  Wise Program Uninstaller Portable v3.1.5- Safely & completely remove applications.
 NEW 10/26  Konvertor v5.04.18- A fast two-panel file converter supporting 4793 file types.
 NEW 10/26  Metadata++ v2.05.0- Freeware tool to view, add, edit, modify, extract, copy metadata.
 UPDATED 10/25  Bean v3.6.2- A small, free, easy-to-use word processor for macOS.
 UPDATED 10/25  MobileFileSearch v1.47- Search files inside a smartphone or tablet.
 UPDATED 10/25  W10Privacy v4.1.2.4- Free tool to easily find/change privacy settings in Win10/11.
 UPDATED 10/25  Portmaster v1.5.1- Free/open-source firewall on steroids for Windows & Linux.
 UPDATED 10/25  Dangerzone v0.5.0- Freedom of the Press Foundation project to scrub malicious docs. 
 UPDATED 10/25  SumatraPDF v3.5.2- A free PDF, eBook, Comic Book & more reader.
 NEW 10/24  HatchKeeper v0.90.0- Free, open-source egg incubation software.
 NEW 10/24  Desk-Timer v1.11- A simple, free timer for the Windows Desktop.
 NEW 10/24  Kage Studio v0.7.230723- A simple, multi-platform 2D Animation Software for all ages!
 UPDATED 10/23  Endless Sky v0.10.4- Open source space exploration, trading, and combat game.
 UPDATED 10/23  endless-sky-high-dpi v0.10.4- High-DPI graphics for the Endless Sky game.
 UPDATED 10/23  Kaspersky Products Remover v1.0.4000- Removes all Kaspersky programs.
 UPDATED 10/23  PeaZip v9.5.0- RAR, TAR, ZIP archive utility that supports 200+ file extensions.
 UPDATED 10/23  Imagine v1.3.3- A free image and animation viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 10/23  StrokesPlus.net v0.5.7.8- A free mouse gesture creation utility for Windows 10/11.
 UPDATED 10/22  Godot Engine v4.1.2- Free cross-platform game engine to create 2D & 3D games.
 UPDATED 10/22  Universal USB Installer v2.0.2.0- A free Linux bootable and live USB creator.
 UPDATED 10/20  Brewtarget v3.0.9- Free, open source beer brewing software for Win, macOS, Linux. 
 UPDATED 10/20  Pipette v23.6.13- A free, portable color picker for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 10/20  PrintMyFonts v23.10.17- Take full control of your fonts in Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 10/20  GO Contact Sync Mod v4.1.33- Sync Outlook contacts and calendars with Google.
 UPDATED 10/20  X-Sec Malware Scanner v3.1.1.0- Free, easy to use anti-malware program.
 UPDATED 10/20  Input Director v2.1.4- Control multiple computers with one keyboard & mouse.
 UPDATED 10/19  Rufus v4.3- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
 NEW 10/19  Quick Clipboard Editor v1.2- A free text editor to edit text in Windows Clipboard.
 UPDATED 10/19  Youtube Downloader HD v5.4.2- An actual crapware-free YouTube downloader.
 UPDATED 10/18  Tron Script v12.0.6- Many utilities scripted together to fix, debloat & disinfect Windows.
 UPDATED 10/18  Outlook CalDav Synchronizer v4.4.1- Syncs events/tasks/contacts with cloud services.
 UPDATED 10/18  NewFileTime v7.13- Manipulate the timestamp of any file or folder.
 UPDATED 10/18  WinScan2PDF v8.68- Tiny, portable tool to scan from any scanner to PDF.
 UPDATED 10/18  Quick Access Popup v11.6.3.1- Multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher.
 UPDATED 10/18  Notepad++ v8.5.8- A free, open source, multi-language source code editor.
 UPDATED 10/17  AOMEI Backupper Standard v7.3.2-  Free Windows backup & synchronization software.
 NEW 10/16  Pixelwheels v0.25.1- Top-down retro racing game for Win, Linux, Intel Mac & Android.
 UPDATED 10/16  ClipAngel v2.11- Open source clipboard history capture and paste tool.
 UPDATED 10/16  FastCopy v5.4.2- Free program to copy large amounts of data at high speed.
 UPDATED 10/13  Rename Master v3.17- A free utility to rename multiple files with just a few clicks.
 UPDATED 10/13  Krita v5.2.0- A professional free and open source painting program.
 NEW 10/12  MahJongg Solitaire 3D Portable v1.01- A free tile-based solitaire puzzle game.
 UPDATED 10/12  Mozilla Firefox ESR v115.3.1- Extended Support Release version for Enterprise.
 UPDATED 10/12  Mozilla Firefox v118.0.2- Full install packages for the Firefox web browser.
 UPDATED 10/12  Mozilla Firefox Portable v118.0.2- Run the Firefox browser from your USB flash drive.
 UPDATED 10/12  FileZilla Client Portable v3.65.0 rev2- Portable version of the popular FTP client.
 UPDATED 10/12  LibreOffice Portable v7.6.2- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
 UPDATED 10/11  Simple Code Generator v1.0.1- QR, Barcode MSI, 128, 39, Aztec Code, Matrix Code.
 UPDATED 10/11  Simple Screen Recorder v1.2.5- Simple, portable & easy screen recorder.
 UPDATED 10/11  IsMyHdOK v3.93- Free, fast and tiny hard drive (HDD/SSD) tester.
 UPDATED 10/11  BriskBard v3.6.0- Web browser with email, FTP, IRC &  more built in.
 UPDATED 10/10  Trellix GetSusp v5.0.0.23- Free tool to isolate undetected malware.
 UPDATED 10/10  Emsisoft Emergency Kit v2023.10.0.12134- Scans and cleans infected computers.
 UPDATED 10/10  Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.399.369.0- Free tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 10/09  RustDesk v1.2.3- Free remote desktop software for Win, Mac, Linux & Android.
 UPDATED 10/09  ScreenToGif v2.39- Screen, webcam & sketchboard recorder with an editor.
 UPDATED 10/09  NirLauncher v1.30.6- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
 NEW 10/08  Svchost Viewer v0.5- Reveals the services behind svchost.exe processes in Windows.
 NEW 10/08  QwikTape v0.6- A free calculator to do calculations & annotate like on paper.
 UPDATED 10/06  RisohEditor v5.7.8- A free, portable resource editor for Win32 development.
 UPDATED 10/06  Speed Dreams v2.3.0- A free 3D open source motorsport sim & racing game.
 UPDATED 10/06  Pale Moon v32.4.1- An Open Source, Goanna-based web browser.
 UPDATED 10/06  XnView MP v1.5.5- The enhanced Image Viewer for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 10/06  XnView Classic v2.51.5- Image viewer/browser/converter supporting 500 formats.
 UPDATED 10/06  RSS Guard v4.5.1- Free feed reader for RSS/ATOM/JSON and other services.
 UPDATED 10/05  PrintOnly v1.0.5.4- Restrict documents to be printed by physical USB printers only.
 UPDATED 10/04  FreeCAD v0.21.1- A free, open-source parametric 3D modeler.
 UPDATED 10/04  QuickMon v5.3.16 Monitor & alert on various resources locally or remotely.
 NEW 10/04  PrintOnlyClient v1.0.5.4- The client program of PrintOnly to print .POF format files.
 UPDATED 10/04  Librum v0.9.2- A simplified, free and open source e-book reader.
 NEW 10/04  LOFI v2.0.1- A tiny, free and open source Spotify player with cool visualizations.
 UPDATED 10/03  Network Security Toolkit v38- Security analysis/monitoring toolkit Linux distro.
 UPDATED 10/03  Windows 10 Debloater v2.6.2- Free, extensive utility to debloat Windows 10.
 UPDATED 10/03  Windows 11 Debloater v1.9.1- Debloat Windows 11 & 3rd party programs/games.
 UPDATED 10/03  RegRun Reanimator v15.30.2023.0927- Removes adware/spyware/malware.
 NEW 10/02  Starship Olympics v0.14.1- Play several intergalactic games with up to 4 friends.
 UPDATED 10/02  Shotcut v23.09.29- A free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
 UPDATED 10/02  RegHiveBackup v0.90- Free tool for Windows to easily backup your registry (hive) files.
 UPDATED 10/02  Paint.NET v5.0.10- Free, full-featured image and photo editing software.
 UPDATED 09/29  OBS Studio v29.1.3- Open source software for video recording & live streaming.
 UPDATED 09/29  Cherrytree v1.0.2- A free, hierarchical note taking app and todo list.
 UPDATED 09/29  FastStone Image Viewer v7.8- Free image browser, converter and editor.
 UPDATED 09/29  AOMEI PE Builder v2.0- Windows PE bootable disc creator.
 NEW 09/28  WinFindr v1.4- Easily search for files, folders and also Windows registry data.
 UPDATED 09/28  RegistryChangesView v1.30- Compare snapshots of Windows registry.
 UPDATED 09/27  HiBit Startup Manager v2.6.12- Manage applications that are loaded automatically.
 UPDATED 09/27  HiBit Uninstaller v3.1.62- Removes stubborn software, apps & browser extensions.
 UPDATED 09/27  LibreOffice Productivity Suite v7.6.2- Free, open source office suite.
 NEW 09/26  Friture v0.49- A free, open source, real-time audio analyzer for PC, Mac & Linux.
 UPDATED 09/26  Homedale v2.08- A free Wi-Fi / WLAN monitor for Windows and MacOS.
 UPDATED 09/25  Open Tax Solver v20.05- Easy-to-use program for calculating tax return forms.
 UPDATED 09/25  Essential Office v2.7.2- Free, simplified word processor, spreadsheet and more.
 NEW 09/22  Naikari: Eye of Chaos v0.10.1- An open source 2-D space mystery game.
 NEW 09/22  Hypersomnia v1.2.8511- A competitive, top-down 2D arena shooter game.
 NEW 09/22  WinDiskWriter v1.1- Make bootable Windows USB drives with your Mac.
 UPDATED 09/22  AnyBurn (PORTABLE) v5.8- Free, professional CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software.
 UPDATED 09/22  ppInk v1.8.3- An open source, on-screen annotation software.
 UPDATED 09/21  MYPmanager v1.5- Manage your passwords along with other credentials.
 UPDATED 09/21  On Screen RGB Detector v1.2- Shows the RGB value of any spot on your screen.
 UPDATED 09/21  Volume Calculator v1.2- Easily calculate the volume of geometric solids.
 UPDATED 09/21  EightyOne Sinclair Emulator v1.39- Emulates Sinclair ZX home computers.
 UPDATED 09/21  Bochs x86 PC emulator v2.7- Emulates AT hardware to virtualize old OSes.
 UPDATED 09/21  RunAsDate v1.41- Allows you to run a program in the date/time that you specify.
 UPDATED 09/21  WinBin2Iso v6.19- Free tool that converts BIN CD images to ISO images.
 UPDATED 09/21  WinPing v2.56- Measure connections in local networks and on the Internet.
 NEW 09/20  Kanri v0.5.1- Easily create Kanban boards offline on Windows, macOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 09/20  Ghidra v10.3.3- Software reverse engineering suite by NSA's Research Directorate.
 NEW 09/20  LocalSend v1.11.1- Securely share files with nearby devices over a local network.
 UPDATED 09/20  Nethor v2023.1.0- A free packet analyzer and visualization tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 09/19  Macrorit Disk Scanner v6.6.8- Free disk scanner to check hard drive errors & issues.
 UPDATED 09/19  Teapodo v0.4.0- A lightweight audio editor for Windows and MacOS.
 UPDATED 09/19  No Crappy Passwords v11.39- Takes your crappy password and makes it non-crappy.
 UPDATED 09/19  Goxel v0.12.0- Free and open source 3D voxel editor for Windows, macOS and Linux..
 UPDATED 09/19  SideSlide v5.78- A highly configurable Windows Desktop extension on steroids!
 UPDATED 09/18  Foxit Reader Portable v2023.2.0.21408- View, annotate, form fill, and sign PDFs.
 UPDATED 09/18  JForum2 v2.8.2- An open source, robust discussion board system in Java.
 NEW 09/18  GFXplorer 3.16.1- Displays important hardware and software info about your PC.
 UPDATED 09/15  Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v0.30.1- A roguelike adventure through dungeons.
 UPDATED 09/15  Mindustry v146.0- A free tower-defense sandbox factory game.
 UPDATED 09/15  BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2470.0- An epic scale real-time strategy experience.
 UPDATED 09/15  Joplin v2.12.17- A free, open source note taking and to-do application.
 UPDATED 09/15  OSFClone v1.4.1000- Create or clone exact raw disk images of hard drives.
 UPDATED 09/15  OSFMount v3.1.1002- Mount local disk image files in Windows with a drive letter.
 UPDATED 09/15  Tablacus Explorer v23.9.13- A free tabbed file manager with add-on support.
 UPDATED 09/15  QuickSetDNS v1.35- Quickly set DNS servers of your Internet connection in Windows. 
 UPDATED 09/14  SophiApp v1.0.97- Free, open-source app for fine-tuning Win 10 and Win 11.
 UPDATED 09/14  SeoQuake v3.9.9- A powerful, free SEO toolbox for your web browser.
 UPDATED 09/14  Double Commander v1.1.2- Open source file manager w/ side-by-side panels.
 NEW 09/13  Virtual Drive Manager v1.1- A free utility to create virtual drives (maps to folders). 
 NEW 09/13  Portforward Check v1.1.2- Check if port is open/accessible, separately for TCP&UDP.
 UPDATED 09/12  Optimizer v15.8- Advanced config. utility to enhance your privacy/security on Windows.
 UPDATED 09/12  DevManView v1.80- Alternative to Device Manager that displays in a flat table.
 UPDATED 09/12  ClassicDesktopClock v4.44- A free Windows analog desktop clock with themes.
 UPDATED 09/12  PreventTurnOff v3.31- Prevents a PC from sleeping or shutting down.
 UPDATED 09/12  Don't Sleep v9.44- Prevents shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate of Windows.
 UPDATED 09/12  CMail v0.8.9- A free application to send e-mail from the command line in Windows.
 NEW 09/11  Fall Theme v1.0- A fall desktop theme for Windows 11, 10, 8 (8.1), 7.
 UPDATED 09/11  Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder v1.2.1- Find and remove duplicate photos.
 UPDATED 09/11  Xelitan PDF Reader v1.9- Export images, extract/remove pages, convert to png/jpg.
 UPDATED 09/08  TripleA v2.5.22294- An open source recreation of the Axis and Allies boardgame.
 UPDATED 09/08  PortableApps.com Platform v26.1- A free menu for all of your portable apps.
 NEW 09/07  Ship Theme v1.0- A sailing ship desktop theme for Windows 11/ 10 / 8 (8.1).
 UPDATED 09/07  GeekUninstaller v1.5.2.165- Program uninstaller that removes leftovers.
 NEW 09/07  BatteryBoi v2.2.2- Free battery app for macOS that shows time left in minutes & hours.
 UPDATED 09/06  SmartFix v2.4.10.0- Fixes common Windows issues from Recovery Environment.
 UPDATED 09/06  GParted Live v1.5.0-6- Free, bootable partition editor for Windows, Mac & Linux.
 UPDATED 09/06  Shark007 Codecs v18.0.4- Free audio and video codecs for Windows.
 UPDATED 09/06  HomeBank v5.7- Totally free personal accounting software.
 NEW 09/05  Uninstalr v1.1- An easy to use and very accurate software uninstaller for Windows.
 UPDATED 09/05  TurboRisk v2.0.5- Play the classic "World Domination Risk" game & conquer the world!
 NEW 09/03  Store Apps Tool v1.0- Tool to add Windows Store apps to the Desktop right-click menu.
 UPDATED 09/01  qBittorrent Portable v4.5.5- A lightweight torrent client with a full set of features.
 UPDATED 09/01  Everyone Piano v2.5.8.31- Piano simulator for computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard.
 UPDATED 09/01  ocenaudio v3.12.6- Free, fast & feature-packed audio editor for Win, Mac, Linux.
 NEW 09/01  Hidden Windows 10 Features v1.3.1- Turn on hidden features in Windows 10/11.
 NEW 09/01  Sherlock AI Detector v1.0- Free program for Windows to detect AI generated text.
 NEW 08/31  Sandwich Theme v1.0- A sandwich desktop theme for Windows 11,10, 8, 8.1, 7.
 UPDATED 08/31  NK2Edit v3.46- Free tool to edit AutoComplete files of Microsoft Outlook.
 UPDATED 08/31  AutoHotkey v2.0.6- Automate keystrokes and mouse clicks using scripts.
 UPDATED 08/30  Dual Monitor Tools v2.10- Free software for Windows users with multiple monitors.
 NEW 08/30  MComix v2.3.0- A free image viewer designed for comic books (Western & manga).
 UPDATED 08/29  Open-Shell v4.4.191- A free classic style Start Menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
 UPDATED 08/29  Biniware Run v6.4.0.0- Keep all important shortcuts to anything in one place.
 UPDATED 08/28  Libre Hardware Monitor v0.9.2- Monitors temp, fans, volts, load & clock speeds.
 UPDATED 08/28  DefenderUI v1.12- Unlocks many hidden security features of Microsoft Defender.
 UPDATED 08/28  Caesium Image Compressor v2.5.1- Compress pics up to 90% without quality loss.
 NEW 08/25  MyHotspot v23.3- Create a custom Wifi hotspot portal & even charge your customers!
 UPDATED 08/24  Rigs of Rods v2022.12- A free and open source sandbox-style vehicle simulator.
 UPDATED 08/24  Product Key Scanner v1.02- Finds product keys in Windows & external drives.
 UPDATED 08/24  PortScan and Stuff v1.93- Scan, search and ping devices on your network.
 UPDATED 08/24  Antivirus Live CD v43.0-1.0.1- A live, bootable CD/USB for removing viruses.
 UPDATED 08/24  Data Crow v4.10.0- Keep track of your collections & record when people borrow stuff.
 UPDATED 08/24  CudaText v1.197.0.2- A free, cross-platform, open source text editor.
 UPDATED 08/24  Brave v1.57.53- Free Chromium-based browser with unmatched speed/security.
 UPDATED 08/24  Wireshark v4.0.8/v3.6.16- World’s foremost & widely-used network protocol analyzer.
 NEW 08/23  Mint v1.8- A portable, minimal app launcher residing in your Windows Taskbar.
 NEW 08/23  Lain v3.2- A free, minimal, secure and portable password manager for Windows.
 NEW 08/23  Sniffnet v1.2.2- Free & open source application to monitor your Internet traffic.
 UPDATED 08/18  Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v18.0.6.6- Removes AMD/NVIDIA graphics drivers.
 UPDATED 08/18  SepPDF v3.70- Split mult-page PDFs into individual single files for each page.
 UPDATED 08/17  KMyMoney v5.1.3- A cross-platform personal finance manager build on KDE.
 UPDATED 08/17  GnuCash v5.3- Free & open source financial management software.
 UPDATED 08/17  Eqonomize! v1.5.5- Efficient, easy and free accounting for personal finances.
 UPDATED 08/17  Manager Desktop Edition v23.8.1.930- Free small business accounting software.
 UPDATED 08/16  Telegram Desktop v4.9.1- Messaging app focused on speed and security.
 NEW 08/16  Backup Assist v3.5- Easily backup your data to an external hard drive.
 NEW 08/15  .NET Checker v1.3- Portable tool to show installed versions of .NET & Visual C++.
 NEW 08/15  DISM Tool v2.6- GUI for DISM for running OS, mounted WIM or offline OS in WinPE. 
 UPDATED 08/15  FastStone Photo Resizer v4.4- A batch image converter and renaming tool.
 UPDATED 08/15  MJ Registry Watcher v1.2.8.8- Safeguards the most important parts of the registry.
 UPDATED 08/14  Fan Control v166- Free, customizable fan control software for Windows 10/11.
 UPDATED 08/14  darktable v4.4.2- Free, open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom.
 UPDATED 08/11  PySolFC v2.21.0- A free collection of more than 1200 solitaire card games.
 UPDATED 08/11  CountryTraceRoute v1.40- A free traceroute utility with a graphical user interface.
 UPDATED 08/11  Blank And Secure v7.66- Free, portable tool to securely delete files.
 UPDATED 08/09  MeinPlatz v8.21- Easy and fast way to scan the hard disk for lost disk space.
 UPDATED 08/09  OpenTTD v13.4- Simulation game based on Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
 NEW 08/08  Stunt Rally v2.7- A free 3D racing game with rally style driving. 
 UPDATED 08/08  Find.Same.Images.OK v5.31- Find duplicate, similar, rotated or negative images.
 UPDATED 08/08  HashMyFiles v2.44- A free utility to calculate the MD5 & SHA1 hashes of files.
 UPDATED 08/07
  MultiPack Visual C++ Installer v3.3- Reinstaller for all VC++ redists on Windows.
 NEW 08/07  FreeShow v0.9.4- Free presenter software for small churches to large venues.
 UPDATED 08/04  Keyboard Locker v1.0- Your cat is not a writer and he sucks at video games.
 UPDATED 08/04  Microsoft PowerToys v0.72.0- A set of utilities to tune & streamline Windows.
 NEW 08/03  DeviceRescue v1.1.0.0- A highly featured replacement for Windows Device Manager.
 UPDATED 08/03  Stellarium v23.2- A free, open source planetarium for your computer.
 UPDATED 08/02  FxSound v1.1.19.0- Free software to boost your cold, boring, and quiet sound.
 UPDATED 08/02  CustomMenu v1.0.2- Create a custom menu to run from anywhere even from USB.
 UPDATED 08/02  Sisma v5.4- Store and manage your passwords in a secure and convenient way.
 REMOVED  SUPERAntiSpyware Free- Under new ownership with questionable support tactics.
 NEW 08/01  Summer Flowers Theme v1.0- A summer flowers desktop theme for Win11,10, 8, 8.1. 
 UPDATED 08/01  Sokoban YASC v1.672- Richly featured, free Sokoban puzzle game.
 UPDATED 08/01  FixWin 11 v11.1- Free, portable tools to fix/repair Windows 10 & 11 problems.
 UPDATED 08/01  Pacman II v2.0.10- A free and reeeeeeal close remake of the original Pacman.
 UPDATED 08/01  NetworkOpenedFiles v1.61- Displays all files that are currently opened on your network.
 UPDATED 08/01  SmartSystemMenu v2.24.0- Extends system menu of all windows in the system.
 UPDATED 07/30  Overlayer v2.0.3- Turn any window(s) into an overlay for your games & programs
 UPDATED 07/30  LibreCAD v2.2.0.2- An open source CAD application for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 NEW 07/30  Calculatormatik v1.15.260- Calculate and/or convert anything and everything!
 NEW 07/28  Dual Monitor Auto Mouse Lock v1.0.0.8- Lock your mouse to a screen of your choosing.
 NEW 07/28  Rain Theme v1.0- A free rainy day desktop theme for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/28  Heroic Games Launcher v2.9.1- Native GOG and Epic Games Launcher.
 UPDATED 07/28  De-lame Win11 Right-Click v1.2- Restore the old style right-click menu in Windows 11.
 UPDATED 07/27  RetroBar v1.13- Classic Win 9x/Me/2k/XP/Vista taskbar for modern Windows.
 NEW 07/27  ClipGrab v3.9.7- Free downloader/converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others.
 UPDATED 07/26  Money Manager Ex v1.6.4- Open-source, easy personal finance software.
 UPDATED 07/26  EG ClamNet Antivirus v1.0.1.0- Free ClamAV-based antivirus with real-time protection.
 UPDATED 07/26  OpenLoco v23.07- Re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion game.
 UPDATED 07/26  Memtest86 Free v10.5- Free, bootable memory diagnostics tool.
 UPDATED 07/25  Cryptomator v1.9.2- Free client-side encryption for your cloud files.
 UPDATED 07/25  NoMachine v8.8.1- Free, full-featured, multi-platform remote desktop software.
 UPDATED 07/25  Inkscape v1.3- A free, professional quality vector graphics software.
 UPDATED 07/24  Personal Backup v6.3.5.0- A completely free backup program for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/24  SendTo Menu Editor v1.3- Manage the shortcuts in Windows “Send To” Menu.
 NEW 07/24  Skip UAC Prompt v1.0- Enable or disable UAC for selected apps.
 NEW 07/20  Morse Code Tools v5.1- Listen to news and send with a software keyer.
 NEW 07/20  KB6IBB SWL Logger v4.5- A free shortwave radio listener's log book. 
 UPDATED 07/20  Deskreen v2.0.4- Turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer.
 UPDATED 07/19  SyncFolders v3.6.111- Synchronize the contents of two folders, including subfolders.
 UPDATED 07/19  RCFV v2.2.2351.4784- A powerful text filtering tool for journalists/researchers.
 UPDATED 07/18  Hasleo Disk Clone v3.6- Free Windows migration/partition/cloning software.
 UPDATED 07/18  Fort Firewall v3.9.9- A simple, free & open source firewall for Windows 7/8/10/11.
 UPDATED 07/17  Domination (Risk Board Game) v1.2.8- A free Risk clone with hundreds of maps.
 NEW 07/17  LostMyPassword v0.90- Recovers/decrypts any passwords stored in Windows.
 UPDATED 07/17  Fido v1.50- A PowerShell script to download Windows or UEFI Shell ISOs.
 UPDATED 07/14  HiJackThis+ v3.1.0.2- Resurrection of one of our favorite antimalware tools.
 UPDATED 07/14  Slimjet v40.0.2.0- Fast web browser that automatically blocks ads and more.
 UPDATED 07/12  Just Color Picker v5.9- Free portable offline color picker and color editor.
 NEW 07/12  Folder Size Analyzer v2.1.0- Displays the files/folders taking up your hard drive space.
 NEW 07/12  PC-StayAwake v1.0- Prevents sleep, screensaver, and online status changes.
 NEW 07/12  WinIcon Maker v1.0- Create Windows icons from any PNG or JPG images.
 UPDATED 07/11   Pointing Magnifier v3.2.2- Cursor replacement to reduce the need for fine motor control.
 UPDATED 07/11   QOwnNotes v23.7.0- Plain-text notepad with ownCloud/Nextcloud integration.
 UPDATED 07/11   Attack Surface Analyzer v2.3.299- Reports on potential security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 07/11   PDF Arranger v1.10.0- Free tool to merge, split,  rotate, crop & rearrange PDFs.
 NEW 07/07   Free Alarm Clock v5.2- A free, full-featured, and user-friendly alarm clock for Windows.
 UPDATED 07/07   Listary v6.2.0.42- A free and revolutionary search utility and launcher for Windows.
 NEW 07/05   Simple Password Manager v1.0.4- Safely store and manage your passwords locally.
 UPDATED 07/05   Mini Inventory Control System v1.0.8- Manage incoming and outgoing products.
 UPDATED 07/05   Macrorit Partition Expert Free v7.9.0- Portable tool to alter/resize disk partitions.
 UPDATED 07/05   Temp_Cleaner GUI v6.8- Powerful yet free and open-source PC cleaner.
 UPDATED 07/03   Tweakeze v2.15.1616- Portable program to stop unwanted system changes.
 UPDATED 07/03   Belarc Advisor v12.0- Free, complete system information for computers.
 UPDATED 07/03   HeavyLoad v3.9.0.352- Freeware stress test tool to bring your PC to its limits.
 NEW 07/02   Football & Tanks v1.5.0- Fire rockets at the ball to get it into your opponent's goal.
 UPDATED 07/02   Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant v17.01.0268.003- Fix Microsoft issues.
 UPDATED 07/02   Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit v1.2.62.1262- Free tool to remove malware. 
 UPDATED 07/02   Apache OpenOffice Portable v4.1.14- Run OpenOffice from cloud or flash drive.
 UPDATED 07/02   Apache OpenOffice v4.1.14- Free office suite for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 07/02   Pocket Radio Player v230701- Free Shoutcast/IceCast compatible internet radio.
 UPDATED 07/02   Craft Basic v1.5-  A BASIC interpreter for Windows 95 and higher. 
 UPDATED 06/30   NoScript v11.4.24- Extra protection for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave & other browsers.
 UPDATED 06/30   FocusWriter v1.8.5- Write without distractions with this free editor.
 NEW 06/29   Paperwork v2.0.1- Free/open source personal document manager for Windows & Linux.
 NEW 06/29   Snipaste v2.8.5- A simple but powerful open source snipping tool.
 NEW 06/29   Floorp v10.14.0- A Firefox-based browser focusing on openness, anonymity, security.
 UPDATED 06/28   WordWeb Free v10.33- A one-click look-up English thesaurus & dictionary.
 UPDATED 06/28   7-Zip v23.01- A free, open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.
 UPDATED 06/28   RedCrab The Calculator v8.3.1- Free mathematics software for algebraic formulas.
 UPDATED 06/28   Microsoft Autoruns v14.10- Shows what loads during system bootup & allows disabling.
 NEW 06/27   Peace Equalizer v1.6.4.1- Free, system-wide PC audio equalizer and effects app.
 NEW 06/27   Helio v3.11- Libre music composition software for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android.
 UPDATED 06/27   Meshroom v2023.2.0- Open-source 3D Reconstruction/photogrammetry software.
 UPDATED 06/27   Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.3.7- Fastest way to download your repair tools.
 NEW 06/26   Blockbench v4.7.4- Open source, low-poly 3D model editor for Win, Mac and Linux. 
 NEW 06/26   Flying Carpet v7.1- File transfer between Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows over WiFi.
 REMOVED   UltraSearch Free- No longer free software. Too many limitations.
 NEW 06/23   Kopia v0.13.0- An open-source backup tool to create encrypted snapshots.
 NEW 06/23   Windows Update Viewer v0.5.12- An easier way to view Windows Update history.
 NEW 06/22   Dynamic Draw v6.4.1- A free vector graphics editor for Windows.
 NEW 06/20   SilentRun v1.0- Run programs hidden and silently in the background on Windows.
 NEW 06/20   Sophos Scan and Clean v1.0.1- Free and portable malware removal tool.
 UPDATED 06/15   SystemRescue v10.01- Free, Linux-based, bootable system rescue & repair tool.
 NEW 06/14   Fantasia Archive v0.1.11- Free world-building & writing tool for game-masters/writers.
 NEW 06/14   LyX v2.3.7- A document processor to write based on the structure of your documents.
 NEW 06/14   Hyperkey v0.22- Easily add an extra macOS modifier key.
 UPDATED 06/13   Boom Audio Player v1.0.38- An incredible, tiny audio player. No install required.
 UPDATED 06/13   Stop Chrome v2.0.11- Detects/stops Google Chrome from running in the background.
 UPDATED 06/13   Termshark v2.4.0-  An open source terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark.
 UPDATED 06/13   CUETools v2.2.4- A free tool for lossless audio/CUE sheet format conversion.
 UPDATED 06/12   Windows Update Blocker v1.8- Completely disable or enable Automatic Updates.
 UPDATED 06/12   TakeStock v2.0 R66- Free full-featured personal investment management software.
 UPDATED 06/12   BloatyNosy v0.85- Free, next generation debloat app for Windows 11.
 UPDATED 06/12   Thonny v4.1.1- A free Python IDE meant for learning programming.
 UPDATED 06/12   Clavier+ v11.3.1-Free program to associate an action to any keyboard shortcut.
 UPDATED 06/09   Vivaldi v6.13035.51- A free web browser with anti-tracking, ad blocking and more.
 UPDATED 06/09   Immunet v7.5.10- Free cloud-based malware & antivirus protection by Cisco Systems.
 UPDATED 06/09   Kate v23.0.4.1 Build 2058- A free, open source and feature-packed text editor.
 NEW 06/09   JunkCtrl v0.55.0- Take control over the junk that ends up on your Windows 11 system.
 NEW 06/08   ActivityWatch v0.12.2- A free app that auto tracks how you spend time on your devices.
 UPDATED 06/08   DesktopNoteOK v3.77- Free and better sticky notes for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/08   MultiClipBoardSlots v3.21- Extend the Windows Clipboard to 10 slots.
 UPDATED 06/08   Team Pacman- Gather around and have a Pacmen vs Ghosts chompin' battle!
 NEW 06/07   QuickHash GUI v3.3.1- An open-source graphical interface data hashing tool. 
 NEW 06/07   restic v0.15.2- A command line backup program for Linux, BSD, macOS & Windows.
 NEW 06/06   BG Remover v2.0.0- A free, AI powered, offline background remover.
 NEW 06/06   Xournal++ v1.1.3- A handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support. 
 NEW 06/06   MSEdgeRedirect v0.7.3.0- Redirect news, search, weather, & more to default browser.
 NEW 06/04   AltSnap v1.60- Move & resize by holding ALT key and clicking anywhere on a window.
 NEW 06/04   ueli v8.24.0- A free and open source keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS.
 NEW 06/04   Neovim v0.9.1- Open source, hyperextensible Vim-based text editor.
 NEW 06/04   MP4Tools v3.8-  Free tools to split or join MP4s without re-encoding or quality loss.
 UPDATED 06/02   ThrottleStop v9.6- Monitor & correct the 3 types of CPU throttling on laptops.
 UPDATED 06/02   NVCleanstall v1.15.1- Install NVIDIA GeForce drivers with only parts you want.
 UPDATED 06/02   TURGEN v9.2.0- Create & transfer tapes with software for Atari 8-bit computers.
 UPDATED 06/02   OpenCloseDriveEject v3.11- Get control over your optical and removable drives.
 UPDATED 06/01   Rescuezilla v2.4.2- An easy-to-use disk imaging app that's compatible with Clonezilla.
 UPDATED 06/01   Windows Repair v4.14.0- All of the tools you need to fix most Windows issues.
 NEW 06/01   Shattered Pixel Dungeon v2.0.2- An open-source traditional roguelike dungeon crawler.
 UPDATED 05/31   Windows 7 Games For Windows 10/11 v3.1- Get your Windows 7 games back!
 UPDATED 05/30   HotkeyP v4.10- Assign a keyboard or mouse shortcut to anything on your computer.
 UPDATED 05/30   ProcessKO v6.21- Quickly kill a running or hanging process in Windows.
 NEW 05/29   CCode v1.5.0- A free source code editor for Windows based on Scintilla. 
 UPDATED 05/26   Everything v1.4.1.1024- Search engine that locates files/folders instantly.
 UPDATED 05/25   Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android- Award-winning free antivirus for Android.
 UPDATED 05/25   BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition- Antivirus protection for Windows. Absolutely free.
 UPDATED 05/25   iMazing Converter v2.0.9- Converts new Apple iOS pics & videos to standard formats.
 UPDATED 05/25   Scribus v1.5.8- Powerful, open source desktop publishing software.
 UPDATED 05/25   WinSCP v6.1- A free SFTP, SCP, S3, WebDAV, & FTP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/24   CyberChef v10.4.0- Cyber tools from UK Government Code & Cypher School.
 UPDATED 05/24   WindTerm v2.5.0- Quicker & better SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp client for DevOps.
 UPDATED 05/24   Cobian Reflector v2.3.11- Full featured, completely free backup program for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/24   ImHex v1.29.0- A free, modern hex editor and reverse engineering tool.
 UPDATED 05/24   Greenfoot v3.7.1 / v3.7.1a- Free program to teach & learn Java programming.
 UPDATED 05/24   ThisIsMyFile v4.14- Unlock/delete locked files with this free portable app.
 NEW 05/23   Tipp10 v2.1.0- A free 10-finger touch typing tutor featuring intelligent practice lessons.
 UPDATED 05/22   Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor v3.13- A free touch typing tutor that's very flexible.
 UPDATED 05/22   RapidTyping v5.4- Free typing trainer to improve your typing speed & reduce typos.
 NEW 05/22   ZHider v2.00- Instantly hide open windows (programs) with a quick keystroke.
 UPDATED 05/22   PDF24 Creator v11.12.0- Free and easy to use PDF solution with many features.
 UPDATED 05/18   Quetoo (beta)- A free first person shooter for Mac, PC & Linux based on Quake.
 UPDATED 05/18   Czkawka v5.1.0- Removes unnecessary files from Windows, MacOS or Linux.
 UPDATED 05/18   BibDesk v1.8.17- A free graphical bibTeX bibliography manager for Mac OS X.
 UPDATED 05/17   SoundSwitch v6.6.1- Switch default playback/recording devices using simple hotkeys.
 UPDATED 05/17   Microsoft Edge Remover v2.6- Removes the Microsoft Edge web browser.
 UPDATED 05/17   OnyX v4.3.9- A free repair and system cleaning utility for MacOS.
 UPDATED 05/17   Maintenance v3.0.1- Free operating system maintenance & cleaning utility for macOS.
 UPDATED 05/16   WakeMeOnLan v1.91- Turn on computers remotely by sending Wake-on-LAN packet.
 UPDATED 05/16   CSVFileView v2.64- A .CSV/ tab-delimited file viewer and converter for Windows.
 NEW 05/15   DiskCryptor v1.2- An open-source, free, whole disk encryption software for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/14   Extra Keys Pro v3.0.0- Type symbols and accented characters quick and easily.
 UPDATED 05/12   VirtualBox v7.0.8- Create virtual machines in Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
 NEW 05/11   TimVer v0.7.3- Displays info about your system. It's like Winver, only more!
 NEW 05/11   Get My IP v0.7.1- Free tool to display IP and geolocation information.
 NEW 05/10   SSD Scope v4.14- Tracks condition & optimizes performance of a Transcend SSD.
 UPDATED 05/09   AlwaysMouseWheel v6.11- Scroll any window even if it isn't in the foreground.
 UPDATED 05/05   OpenBoardView v9.95.0- Views searchable .brd files for circuit board layouts.
 UPDATED 05/05   MAMEUI v0.248- The x64 GUI version of MAME on the Windows platform.
 UPDATED 05/05   MAME v0.254- A multi-purpose emulation framework to preserve/play classic games.
 UPDATED 05/05   DxWnd v2.05.95- Run old fullscreen games in a window for compatibility.
 NEW 05/04   Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA) v3.3.0- Free color contrast checker tool. 
 UPDATED 05/04   lessmsi v1.10.0- Free tool to view and extract the contents of an .msi file.
 NEW 05/03   The Ur-Quan Masters v0.8.0- A port of Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters.
 NEW 05/03   Embarcadero Dev-C++ v6.3- A fast, portable, simple, & free C/C++ IDE for Windows.
 NEW 05/02   MeGUI v2933- A free and open source video conversion application for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/02   Shutter Encoder v17.1- Free, professional video converter for Windows/Mac/Linux.
 UPDATED 05/02   Tux Paint v0.9.29- Free, award-winning drawing program for ages 3 to 12.
 UPDATED 05/01   HiBit System Information v2.1.10- Extract details of all components of your computer.
 UPDATED 04/30   BleachBit v4.4.2- Clean your system and free disk space.
 NEW 04/30   Tiny Watcher v2.0.9- Monitors system changes on a Windows machine.
 NEW 04/28   Dark Space Desktop Theme v1.0- A Dark Space desktop theme for Windows.
 NEW 04/28   EasyTrac64 v3.5.0- Free log file analyzer, data processor, data player for Win/Linux.
 UPDATED 04/28   DeskPainter v1.1.1- Paint on your desktop for demonstrations & online-meetings.
 NEW 04/28   Temple v1.21- A tiny, free and portable tool for USB device info. in Windows.
 NEW 04/28   Compton v1.51- A tiny, free & portable tool for storage device info. in Win & macOS.
 UPDATED 04/27   WA2L/WinTools v1.2.08- End user utilities to launch from the "Send To" menu.
 UPDATED 04/27   FurMark v1.34.0.0- Free GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark.
 UPDATED 04/27   foobar2000 v2.0/v2.5- Advanced, free audio player for Windows/MacOS.
 UPDATED 04/27   IP Changer (IPC) v1.3.4.0- Easily change IP addresses of all your network adapters.
 UPDATED 04/27   Wagnardsoft Tools v1.0.2.4- A free, portable set of tools for PC maintenance.
 UPDATED 04/27   Clonezilla v3.1.0-22- Free, open source hard drive imaging/cloning program.
 NEW 04/26   BingGPT v0.3.4- Desktop application of Bing's AI-powered chat (Windows, Mac, Linux).
 UPDATED 04/25   WSL Manager v1.8.1- GUI for managing Windows Subsystem for Linux distros.
 UPDATED 04/25   Rhiimoot v1.4.5.0- Easily control playing songs without using the main Spotify window.
 UPDATED 04/25   Sandboxie-Plus v1.9.2- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 04/25   Sandboxie-Classic v5.64.2- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 04/24   InstalledAppView v1.07- Displays details of Win 10/11 apps installed on your system.
 UPDATED 04/24   DesktopDigitalClock v4.81- A simple and beautiful digital desktop clock for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/24   DesktopOK v10.81- Saves the position of your desktop icons and more.
 UPDATED 04/23   Dwarf Fortress Classic v50.07- Fantasy game in a random generated/persistent world.
 UPDATED 04/23   FreeFileSync v12.2- Open source folder comparison & synchronization.
 UPDATED 04/23   CryptSync v1.4.4- Small utility that synchronizes two folders while encrypting one.
 UPDATED 04/19   CleanSweep2 v2.3.5- Easiest/quickest Windows junk file remover on the planet.
 UPDATED 04/19   Warzone 2100 v4.3.5- Free real-time strategy game with over 400 technologies.
 UPDATED 04/19   GPU-Z v2.53.0- Provides vital info about your video card & graphics processor.
 UPDATED 04/19   CertViewer v1.2.5- Simple and free X.509 certificate viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/18   HopToDesk v1.40.4- Free remote desktop software comparable to TeamViewer.
 UPDATED 04/16   Dism++ v10.1.1002.2- Your job as a computer tech just got waaaay easier.
 NEW 04/16   Drawpile v2.1.20- A free software collaborative drawing program.
 UPDATED 04/16   Ditto v3.24.246.0- An amazing, free extension to the standard Windows clipboard.
 UPDATED 04/14   SyMenu v7.03.8322- The largest suite of utilities ever made for your flash drive.
 UPDATED 04/14   ReactOS v0.4.14 r69- Open source O.S. w/ NT4,2K,XP,2003 compatibility.
 UPDATED 04/14   Ventoy v1.0.91- An open source tool to create a bootable USB drive for ISO files.
 UPDATED 04/14   Quick Any2Ico v3.3.0.0- Portable tool to make icons out of anything for any use.
 NEW 04/13   OpenBB Terminal v2.5.1- A free, modern investment research platform for everyone.
 UPDATED 04/12   RedNotebook Portable v2.29.4- Free, modern journal with calendar and more.
 UPDATED 04/12   Password Tech v3.5.0- Generate large amounts of secure passwords and more.
 UPDATED 04/11   Agent DVR v4.6.8.0- A free, super advanced video surveillance platform.
 NEW 04/11   Unsleeping v23.4.8- Free utility to keep your Windows computer awake.
 UPDATED 04/11   DVDStyler Portable v3.2.1- A free DVD authoring application.
 NEW 04/10   DUDE (DUplicates DEtector) v1.0066.364- Free utility for finding duplicate files.
 UPDATED 04/04   TCP Monitor Plus v2.93- A free TCP/IP network monitor for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/04   USBDriveLog v1.12- Displays a log of all USB drives plugged to your computer.
 UPDATED 04/04   WifiInfoView v2.79- Displays complete info on wireless networks around you.
 UPDATED 04/04   HDDExpert v1.20.1.55- Gives info on your hard drive's (HDD or SSD) health.
 NEW 04/03   PicView v1.7.6- 100% free and open source picture viewer with amazing features. 
 UPDATED 04/03   Synfig Studio v1.4.4-2023- Open-source 2D animation software for Win, Linux & Mac.
 UPDATED 04/02   Opal v1.1.0- Mix and match relaxing sounds using sliders for volume levels.
 UPDATED 04/02   WebChangeMonitor v23.03- Monitors multiple web pages and tracks changes.
 NEW 03/31   Space Battleship II v2.0.10- Destroy everything in space... a lot! 
 UPDATED 03/31   NetworkTrafficView v2.43- Captures packets & displays stats about network traffic.
 UPDATED 03/31   FolderChangesView v2.35- Monitors a folder or drive and lists changes.
 UPDATED 03/31   Microsoft Process Monitor v3.93- Real-time monitoring of system activity.
 UPDATED 03/31   Microsoft Process Explorer v17.03- Shows info on open handles & DLL processes.
 UPDATED 03/30   SuperDuper v3.7.5- Free program to repair, backup and clone your Mac.
 UPDATED 03/30   Spybot Search and Destroy v2.9.85.5- Free tool to remove malicious software.
 UPDATED 03/28   Grub2Win v2.3.6.1- Safely multiboot Windows & Linux on both GPT & MBR disks.
 UPDATED 03/28   PreviSat v5.1.3.1- Free, open source satellite tracking software.
 UPDATED 03/28   WinSetView v2.66- Free tool to globally set Windows Explorer folder views.
 UPDATED 03/28   Password Folder v2.4.1- Add password protection to a folder in an instant.
 UPDATED 03/28   RosarioSIS v10.9- Free student information system for school management.
 UPDATED 03/28   O&O ShutUp10++ v1.9.1435- Free tool to stop Win 10 & 11 from spying on you.
 UPDATED 03/27   Artweaver Free v7.0.15- Full-featured painting tool with realistic brushes.
 NEW 03/27   Sigil Portable v1.9.30- A free and open source WYSIWYG ebook editor.
 UPDATED 03/26   URL Disabler v1.2- Block websites from users of Edge, Firefox and Chrome.
 UPDATED 03/24   Tor Browser v12.0.4- Open source browser to use the Internet anonymously.
 REMOVED   TweakNow WinSecret- No longer free software.
 UPDATED 03/23   WildBit Viewer v6.9- A compact & fast image viewer with slide show & editor.
 UPDATED 03/23   Google Chrome Portable v111.0.5563.111- Run Chrome from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 03/21   Atomic Tanks Portable v6.6- A free, portable, turn-based tank battle game.
 UPDATED 03/21   DesktopImages3D v2.21- Display your pictures in 3D on your desktop.
 UPDATED 03/19   TrueIP v2.1.0.1- System Tray tool that monitors your IP address(es).
 UPDATED 03/19   Linux Reader v4.16- Get access to files on a Linux partition using Windows.
 UPDATED 03/19   DiskGenius Free (portable) v5.5.0.1488- Tool for hard drive partitioning & more.
 UPDATED 03/17   Clear Disk Info v4.1.0.0- Displays health info of connected storage devices.
 UPDATED 03/17   Chainsaw v2.5.0- ‘First-response’ capability to quickly ID threats in event logs.
 UPDATED 03/17   PSPad v5.0.7- A freeware programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows.
 NEW 03/16   Windhawk v1.2- Customize programs with code snippets or create your own.
 UPDATED 03/15   GIMP Portable v2.10.34- Portable version of the popular image manipulation program.
 NEW 03/14   RoboMirror v2.0- A portable, graphical interface for Robocopy for mirroring folders.
 UPDATED 03/13   Betterbird v102.8.0- A fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird on steroids.
 UPDATED 03/13   OfflineInsiderEnroll v2.6.4- Access Windows Insider Program when not signed in.
 UPDATED 03/13   JPEGView v1.2.45- A lean, fast and highly configurable image viewer & editor.
 UPDATED 03/10   TcpLogView v1.37- Monitors & logs the opened TCP connections on your system.
 UPDATED 03/09   Dead Deer v3.12.85.2023- 3D modeler, 3D game maker, 3D demo maker.
 UPDATED 03/07   Mixxx v2.3.4- Free and open source DJ software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
 NEW 03/06   Yadabyte Passwords v1.0- A very simple, local password manager.
 UPDATED 03/06   CPU-Z v2.05- Gathers info on the main devices in your system.
 UPDATED 03/03   HWMonitor v1.50-  Free hardware monitoring program for voltages, temps, fans. 
 UPDATED 03/01   SimpleWMIView v1.53- Displays the result of WMI queries in a simple table.
 REMOVED   Distant Desktop- Changed to "freemium".
 UPDATED 03/01   WizFile v3.09- An extremely fast file finder. Find files by name, size & date instantly.
 NEW 02/28   KiCad EDA v7.0.0- Cross platform, open source electronics design automation suite.
 NEW 02/27   Sigma File Manager v1.6.0- A free, open-source, modern file manager.
 UPDATED 02/27   jaBuT Backup v2023.02.36857- A free, powerful and easy to use backup solution.
 UPDATED 02/24   Angry IP scanner v3.9.1- Open source IP address & port scanner. 
 UPDATED 02/24   Visual Code Studio v1.75.1- A lightweight but powerful source code editor.
 UPDATED 02/23   Dock Folders v1.26- A simple tool to get a quick & elegant access to your files.
 UPDATED 02/23   Pioneer Space Sim v2023-02-03- Incredible and free space adventure game.
 UPDATED 02/23   Signal v6.7.0- Free, cross-platform encrypted messaging app.
 UPDATED 02/22   Farbar Recovery Scan Tool v22.2.2023.0- Portable tool to diagnose malware issues. 
 NEW 02/22   WinPaletter v1.0.7.0- An open source, advanced Windows appearance editor.
 UPDATED 02/21   Date Reminder v3.38- Reminds you of recurring or nonrecurring events.
 UPDATED 02/21   MultiMonitorTool v2.05- A small tool for working with multiple monitors.
 NEW 02/17   Nexuiz v2.5.2- A free, multiplayer, multiplatform first-person shooter.
 UPDATED 02/16   McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool v10.5.162.0- Force removes McAfee.
 NEW 02/16   VideoInspector v2.15.10.154- Provides as much info as possible about your video files.
 UPDATED 02/16   RAMExpert v1.21.0.43- Displays all of the details and specs of installed RAM.
 UPDATED 02/15   Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control v6.9.2.0- Control Windows Firewall.
 UPDATED 02/15   Notepad3 v6.23.203.2- A fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor.
 NEW 02/14   Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5 for Windows 11- Over 200 tweaks for Windows 11.
 NEW 02/14   JPEG & PNG Stripper v1.5.7.70- Free tool to strip metadata from images.
 UPDATED 02/13   AnyTXT Searcher v1.3.1050- A powerful desktop search engine like local Google!
 NEW 02/12   LinX v0.6.5- A simple GUI for Intel® Linpack Benchmark.
 UPDATED 02/12   QuickMemoryTestOK v4.24-Free tool to test your RAM for errors in Windows.
 UPDATED 02/12   MemTest v7.0- A free RAM tester that runs under Windows.
 UPDATED 02/12   Memory Checker v1.2.3- Test your computer's RAM under high load in Windows.
 NEW 02/12   Memtest86+ v6.10- Open source, bootable memory diagnostics tool.
 UPDATED 02/10   IPFire v2.27 core172- A hardened, versatile, state-of-the-art open source firewall.
 UPDATED 02/10   Kdenlive v22.12.2- Free & open source video editor for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 02/10   Debloos (Debloat OS) v0.20.10- Next generation debloat app for Windows 11.
 NEW 02/09   TanSaburou v3.01- Free full text search software.
 UPDATED 02/09   ThisIsWin11 v1.4.0- An open source project similar to Power Toys for Win11. 
 NEW 02/06   Wordle Anytime v1.0- Play Wordle anytime you want without waiting for a new puzzle!
 UPDATED 02/06   WeatherMate v4.20- Instant weather forecasts for thousands of locations worldwide.
 UPDATED 02/05   Lintalist v1.9.19- Store, search and edit texts in bundles and paste into programs.
 NEW 02/03   PhraseExpress v16.1.6- No more typing the same phrase again!
 UPDATED 02/03   StressMyPC v5.25- Free stress-testing software for your PC.
 UPDATED 02/03   GPU Caps Viewer v1.58.0.1- OpenGL/OpenCL/CUDA APIs/GPU info utility.
 NEW 02/02   Visual Subst v1.0.6- Map virtual drives easily and reduce long paths to just one letter.
 UPDATED 02/02   GPU Shark v0.29.0.0- GPU monitoring utility for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.
 NEW 02/01   UTM v4.1.5- Securely run other operating systems on your Mac.
 UPDATED 01/31   DesktopPic v1.1.9- Display or stamp images on your Windows desktop wallpaper.
 UPDATED 01/31   Video to Video Converter v2.9.6.10- Free software for converting video and audio.
 NEW 01/30   AAA v5.4.6- An easy, quick and powerful tool for keeping and managing text notes.
 UPDATED 01/27   GCompris v3.1- Free educational suite with activities for children age 2 to 10.
 UPDATED 01/27   TrafficMonitor v1.84.1- Free app to monitor network speed, CPU & memory.
 UPDATED 01/27   Hasleo Windows ISO Downloader v1.5- Download Win 8.1/10/11 from Microsoft.
 UPDATED 01/26   ShareX v15.0.0- A free screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool.
 NEW 01/25   Volume² v1.1.7.449- A complete replacement for the Windows volume control.
 NEW 01/24   Dns Lock v1.5- Prevents malware (or anything else) from changing your DNS.
 UPDATED 01/24   DNS Angel v1.7- Free tool that automatically blocks inappropriate websites.
 UPDATED 01/24   Model Air Design v2.3- Free model aircraft design software.
 UPDATED 01/23   RemindMe v3.1.20- Reminds you of events with a hard-to-miss pop-up on screen.
 UPDATED 01/23   Diagram Designer v1.30.0- Create flowcharts, UML class diagrams and slide shows.
 UPDATED 01/22   Desktop Ticker v1.14.1- A free RSS and Atom web feed ticker for your desktop.
 NEW 01/20   Uniform Server v15.0.1- A free lightweight WAMP server solution for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/20   CopyQ v6.4.0- An advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features.
 UPDATED 01/20   Back4Sure v3.7.8- A freeware program for making backup copies of your files.
 NEW 01/18   SQLiteStudio v3.4.2- A free, open source, multi-platform SQLite database manager.
 UPDATED 01/18   Start Everywhere v1.3.5.31- Free tool to launch anything quickly from desktop.
 NEW 01/17   Tahrpup v6.0.5- An older, lightweight Puppy Linux edition for older hardware.
 NEW 01/17   Lubuntu v22.04.1- A free operating system with essential apps/services for daily use.
 NEW 01/15   ArchLinux Live ISO Prebuild v2022.06.01- Live Arch with a crazy amount of software.
 NEW 01/12   Update Fixer v1.2- A lightweight, freeware app to automatically fix Windows Update.
 UPDATED 01/11   Anvil Studio v2022.08.03- Create songs with extensive MIDI /Audio editing capabilities.
 UPDATED 01/10   Pinta v2.1- A free, open source program for drawing and image editing.
 UPDATED 01/10   Executor v1.0.11- A multi purpose tool to help ease your daily computer workflow.
 UPDATED 01/10   OpenMPT v1.30.09.00- A free & powerful audio app that makes writing music fun!
 UPDATED 01/09   Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK v3.83- A free calendar for the Windows desktop.
 UPDATED 01/09   DirPrintOK v6.71- Print & save directory contents & directory structures.
 UPDATED 01/08   PhotoLocator v22.6.22.0- Open source photo geotagging & location browsing.
 NEW 01/08   Commander v1.40- Free file management utility and image viewer.
 UPDATED 01/06   Ms Store & Apps Repair Tool v1.1- Free tool to fix the Microsoft Store & apps.
 UPDATED 01/05   QuickWayToFolders v1.3.10- Provides quick folder content access.
 UPDATED 01/04   Detect It Easy v3.07- Free tool for determining file types for Win, Linux, macOS.
 UPDATED 01/02   Barrage v1.0.5- Death from above! Shoot things... shoot things a lot.
 UPDATED 01/02   LTris v1.2.3- Tetris clone that follows the original rules but adds some extras.
 UPDATED 01/02   LBreakoutHD v1.0.8- A breakout game with lots of extra goodies.
 UPDATED 01/02   ElevenClock v3.9.6- A secondary clock for multiple monitors & more in Windows 11.
 NEW 01/01   Free Calorie Calculator v1.0.0- Calculates your daily calorie or kilojoule needs.
 UPDATED 01/01   Free Meditation Timer v1.0- A free meditation program for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/01   Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator v1.0- Calculates your BMI from height & weight.
 UPDATED 12/30   FileTypesMan v1.97- Alternative to the 'File Types' tab in 'Folder Options' of Windows.
 UPDATED 12/30   HandBrake v1.6.0- Convert video from any format to widely supported codecs.
 NEW 12/29   USBImager v1.0.8- Writes compressed disk images to USB drives & creates backups.
 UPDATED 12/28   DriverStore Explorer v0.11.79- Easily deal with the Windows driver store.
 UPDATED 12/27   Image Analyzer v1.42.1- Advanced image editing, enhancement & analysis software.
 NEW 12/27   NiceScaler v3.0- Open source image/video deep learning upscaler for Windows.
 NEW 12/26   QRGen v0.1- Free, portable tool to generate QR codes for just about anything.
 UPDATED 12/22   Kodi v20.0 Nexus- The ultimate entertainment center software is also totally free!
 UPDATED 12/22   Universal Media Server v13.0.0- Open source media server for Win, Mac, Linux.
 NEW 12/20   HakuNeko v6.1.7- Free and open source manga and anime downloader.
 UPDATED 12/20   MuseScore v4.0.0- Free program to create, play and print beautiful sheet music.
 UPDATED 12/19   ConEmu v221218- Advanced console window to run any shell of your choice.
 UPDATED 12/19   Cmder v1.3.21- An open source, portable console emulator for Windows.
 UPDATED 12/18   LPub3D v2.4.5- Free WYSIWYG editor for creating LEGO® building instructions.
 UPDATED 12/18   OpenBoard v1.6.4- Open source teaching program for whiteboards/projectors.
 UPDATED 12/18   FreeCommander XE v2023- Easy-to-use alternative to Windows file manager.
 UPDATED 12/18   TeamTalk 5 v5.11- A free conferencing system to collaborate and share info.
 UPDATED 12/16   Zero Install v2.23.14- Free system to run applications without installing them.
 UPDATED 12/15   LosslessCut v3.48.2- Open source, Swiss Army Knife of lossless video/audio editing.
 UPDATED 12/15   SlunkCrypt v1.3.0-An experimental cross-platform cryptography library and tool.
 UPDATED 12/15   DesktopSnowOK v6.12- Let it snow on your Windows desktop!
 UPDATED 12/13   Spencer v1.28- A free Windows XP style start menu for Windows 10 and 11.
 UPDATED 12/11   USB Image Tool v1.90- Creates images of USB flash drives and MP3 players.
 NEW 12/11   SteamShutdown v2.4.1- Automatic shutdown after Steam downloads have finished.
 UPDATED 12/11   PersistentWindows v5.40- Keeps window positions when resolution adjusts.
 UPDATED 12/11   WebBrowserPassView v2.12- Recovers website passwords from your browser.
 UPDATED 12/11   OpenShot v3.0.0- Over 1000 changes in this award- winning video editor.
 UPDATED 12/09   IrfanView v4.62- A fast, compact and free image viewer and converter.
 UPDATED 12/09   Core Temp v1.18- Powerful program to monitor cpu temps & other vital info.
 NEW 12/08   NUTs - Network Utility Tools v2.1- Configure network settings in just a few clicks.
 NEW 12/08   Clic v2.00.250- Generate stunning icons in 16.7 million colors with transparency.
 UPDATED 12/07   ConfigureDefender v3.1.1.1-  Configures Defender Anti-Virus settings.
 UPDATED 12/07   Revo Uninstaller Free v2.4.2- A free utility to remove stubborn programs.
 NEW 12/06   Christmas Theme for Windows- A wonderful Christmas desktop theme.
 UPDATED 12/06   Windows Sugar and Spice Theme- A Windows desktop theme featuring cookies!
 UPDATED 12/06   Windows Snowy Night Theme- A perfect Windows Desktop theme for the holidays.
 UPDATED 12/06   Windows Snowmen Theme- A Windows theme featuring snowmen.
 UPDATED 12/06   Holiday Lights Theme v1.0- A holiday theme for your Windows desktop.
 NEW 12/05   OlderGeeks.com Christmas Printables- Fun & useful printables for Christmas.
 NEW 12/05   Auto Recycle Bin v1.15- Auto cleanup of the recycle bin using selected settings.
 NEW 12/04   Browserosaurus v19.3.3- Be prompted to use your choice of browser in MacOS.
 NEW 12/04   OpenHV v20210321- Pixelart science-fiction real-time-strategy game.
 NEW 12/02   AutoLeaveMeeting v1.0- Auto-closes web meeting programs if you forget to.
 NEW 12/02   Cover Printer v1.4.1.1- A free and easy tool for printing DVD and CD covers.
 UPDATED 12/02   Folder Monitor v1.4.0.1- Monitors what happens in a folder and alerts you.
 UPDATED 12/02   WinfrGUI v1.0.2- Free GUI for Microsoft's Windows File Recovery tool.
 UPDATED 12/02   Videomass v4.0.1- A free, open source GUI for FFmpeg and youtube-dl / yt-dlp.
 UPDATED 12/01   Carroll v1.30- Set individual screen resolution for every user.
 NEW 12/01   NFOPad v1.81- A small, fast and flexible text editor and NFO viewer.
 NEW 12/01   Filelister v4.0.2- Create a text or html file from the contents of a disk or folder.
 UPDATED 12/01   Diffinity v0.9.4- Free diff & merging tool with focus on easy to read source code diffs.
 UPDATED 11/30   StopUpdates10 v3.8.2022- Free tool to take control over Windows updates.
 UPDATED 11/30   S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools v7.3- Free disk inspection and monitoring tools.
 UPDATED 11/29   TupiTube Desk v0.2.19- Free 2D animation tool for children and teenagers.
 NEW 11/29   Galaxy Buds Client v4.5.2- Configure/control Samsung Galaxy Buds on your desktop.
 NEW 11/29   Rnote v0.5.8- Sketch and take handwritten notes in Linux.
 UPDATED 11/29   Widelands v1.1- A free, open source real-time strategy game.
 REMOVED   Winamp 5 Full (Classic)- Removed for the inclusion of OpenCandy adware.
 NEW 11/26   ManageWirelessNetworks v1.10- An alternative tool to 'Manage Wireless Networks'.
 NEW 11/26   WirelessConnectionInfo v1.17- Displays info/statistics about active wifi connection.
 UPDATED 11/26   WinAudit v3.4.3- Comprehensive report on machine's config, hardware & software.
 NEW 11/25   Monitor Profile Switcher v0.7.0.0- Easily switch between multi-monitor configs.
 NEW 11/25   Mandelbulber v2.28- Free and open source 3D fractal rendering software.
 NEW 11/25   WinLaunch v1.0.0- A free Mac OS X-style launchpad for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/25   Midnight Commander for Windows v4.8.28- A free clone of Norton Commander.
 UPDATED 11/25   MediaPortal v2.4.1-Turn your PC into a very advanced MediaCenter/HTPC.
 UPDATED 11/23   GrandPerspective v3.0.0- Free app that graphically displays Mac disk usage.
 NEW 11/23   Paintbrush v2.6.0- A simple paint program for Mac OS X.
 UPDATED 11/23   Equalizer APO v1.3- An open source parametric/graphic equalizer for Windows.
 UPDATED 11/23   Restart on Crash v1.6.4- Auto-relaunches any program that hangs or crashes.
 UPDATED 11/22   Norton Power Eraser v6.6.0.2153- Free tool to eliminate deeply embedded malware.
 UPDATED 11/22   Norascan AntiMalware Scanner v4.0- A free, second-opinion malware scanner.
 UPDATED 11/22   ESET Online Scanner v3.6.6.0- One-time scan to remove malware and threats.
 NEW 11/21   Barrier v2.4.0- Free, multi-platform and open source KVM software.
 UPDATED 11/20   0 A.D. v26- A free, open-source, historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game.
 UPDATED 11/20   Dave Gnukem v1.0.3- A 2D scrolling platform shooter, inspired by Duke Nukem 1.
 NEW 11/18   Sine Wave Calculator v1.0- A free tool for teaching and learning about sine waves.
 NEW 11/18   Trajectory Calculator v1.0- Graph trajectories by velocity and angle that you choose.
 NEW 11/18   BoomShield v1.0- Scare the crap out of someone & block access to your computer.
 UPDATED 11/18   Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.20- Stops actions of ransomware activity.
 UPDATED 11/18   Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.13.1.516- Detects/stops security vulnerabilities.
 NEW 11/17   Earner v1.0.2.8-Billable time keeper app that display earnings & logs work to Excel.
 UPDATED 11/17   Bluefish v2.2.12- A powerful editor for experienced web designers & programmers.
 UPDATED 11/16   KiTTY v0.76.0.13- A fork of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
 NEW 11/16   Harmony v1.00.3320- Digital clock with 100+ chimes and 50 alarms + reminders.
 UPDATED 11/16   MACAddressView v1.47- Finds details of the MAC address of a product.
 UPDATED 11/16   MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe v4.6.0- A free Task Manager on steroids!
 NEW 11/16   CheckIP v1.0.1- Get detailed information about an IP address.
 NEW 11/16   GoAwayEdge v1.0.1- Force Windows to stop opening Edge in certain situations.
 NEW 11/15   Iridium Browser v2022.04.100- A free browser securing your privacy. That’s it!
 Notice  Update on Randy by: Randy.
 Hi everyone. I am slowly on the mend. I'm trying to be a good home patient by doing my   breathing exercises and walking. Deanna won't let me go work at our store but she has given me the green light to work on the website and do remote support. I just want to thank everyone for taking care of her while I was down with your extra donations and messages. She is quite the bread winner on her own but halving any family's income is a scary thing. Thank you!
 UPDATED 11/14   NetConnectChoose v1.10- Choose default Internet connection for any application.
 UPDATED 11/14   FUPX v3.2- Advanced GUI for the UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables).
 UPDATED 11/14   AutoText v8.0- A free typing aid and clipboard extension for Windows.
 NEW 11/13   Gourmet Recipe Manager v0.17.4- A free manager, editor & organizer for recipes.
 UPDATED 11/11   CpuFrequenz v4.11- Small tool for exact determination of the CPU frequency.
 UPDATED 11/11   NetworkInterfacesView v1.25- Show info on network adapters & disabling/enabling.
 UPDATED 11/10   Vexed for Windows v0.7.5.3- Classic PalmPilot Vexed Puzzle coded for Windows.
 Notice  Hey everyone, this is Deanna.
 As many of our regular followers may already know, Randy is in the hospital awaiting   heart bypass surgery. This was a sudden event for us and things are going to be pretty   empty here for a bit. We ask for your prayers and good vibes for Randy's fast recovery. Thanks, guys! -Deanna
 UPDATED 11/01   CrystalDiskMark v8.0.4c- Free program to benchmark the performance of disks.
 NEW 10/28   Kraken v1.5- Free RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip & Hash password recovery tool for Windows.
 NEW 10/28   Microsoft Handle v5.0- Free tool to search for open file references in Windows.
 NEW 10/28   MouseController v1.11.3.0- Record/save mouse movement & clicks with a hotkey.
 UPDATED 10/27   Sweet Home 3D v7.0.2- A free 3D interior design application.
 UPDATED 10/27   Minetest v5.6.1- A near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine.
 UPDATED 10/27   Terasology v5.3.0- Open-source survival and discovery game set in a voxel world.
 NEW 10/26   OmegaT v4.3.3- Open source Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool.
 NEW 10/26   Ozyr v2.0- Free tool to grab text from images so you can copy and edit it.
 NEW 10/26   Flame Auto Clicker v1.6.1- An open source auto clicker capable of over 1,000 CPS!
 NEW 10/26   Route Generator v1.10.0- A free tool to draw routes on a map & generate a movie.
 UPDATED 10/25   Hugin v2021.0.0- A free panorama photo stitcher for Windows/MacOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 10/25   DS4Windows v3.1.8- Free tool to use a DualShock 4 Controller on your PC.
 NEW 10/25   BiblioteQ v2022.09.15- Open-source archival and library software.
 NEW 10/25   Internet DJ Console v0.9.4- Free DJ console and internet radio client for Linux.
 NEW 10/25   QPrompt v1.1.2- Free teleprompter software for streamers & presenters.
 NEW 10/24   qmmp v2.1.2- Open source, Qt-based multimedia player similar to Winamp.
 NEW 10/24   DBeaver v22.2.3- Free universal database tool and SQL client.
 UPDATED 10/24   VICE v3.6.1- A Commodore emulator for C64, C128, VIC20, PET & more.
 UPDATED 10/24   FreePlane v1.10.4- For mind mapping, knowledge & project management.
 UPDATED 10/24   XFLR5 v6.57- An open source analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes.
 UPDATED 10/21   Gnuplot v5.4.5- A portable, multi-platform, command-line driven graphing utility.
 NEW 10/21   Filmulator v0.11.1- A raw photo editor based on the process of developing film.
 NEW 10/21   Webots vR2022b- An open source, multi-platform robot simulator.
 UPDATED 10/20   ChromeHistoryView v1.52- Displays/saves the history file of Google Chrome.
 NEW 10/20   Kooha v2.2.2- Elegantly record your screen in Linux easily & without distractions.
 NEW 10/20   enve v9.25.22- Open-source 2D animation software for Windows and Linux.
 NEW 10/20   Warsow v2.1.2- Free, fast-paced first-person shooter for Windows, Linux & macOS.
 NEW 10/19   64tass v1.56.2625- Assembler for the legendary 6502 processor & it's derivatives.
 UPDATED 10/19   x64dbg v2022-10-18_22-09- An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.
 UPDATED 10/18   GNS3 v3.0.0a2- A network simulator to design & configure virtual networks.
 UPDATED 10/18   GnuCOBOL v3.1.2- A free, open source COBOL compiler for Windows & Linux.
 NEW 10/18   Tiny Player v2.8- A free, tiny audio, video and CD/DVD player.
 NEW 10/18   Makagiga v6.20- Free to-do manager, notepad, RSS reader and more.
 NEW 10/18   Manuskript v0.14.0- Open source tool for writers to write from draft to completion.
 NEW 10/17   Quiz/Survey/Test Online v3.08.07- A free, open source assessment solution.
 UPDATED 10/17   Lilidog v22.10.15- Lightweight, stable Debian based Linux distro with Openbox.
 NEW 10/17   SokobanP v3.4.2- A free Sokoban game for Windows with 8,000 levels.
 UPDATED 10/17   Battle for Wesnoth v1.17.9- The wildly popular, free, turn-based strategy game.
 UPDATED 10/17   Rosegarden v22.06- A free, open source MIDI sequencer for Linux.
 UPDATED 10/16   WinToUSB v7.2- Windows-To-Go wizard to create portable Windows 11/10/8/7.
 UPDATED 10/16   WinToHDD v5.8- Install or clone Windows without a CD, DVD or USB drive.
 UPDATED 10/16   LoveWindowsAgain v0.21.0- Disable the Windows 11 components you don’t need.
 UPDATED 10/16   Stickies v10.1c- Sticky notes for your desktop with tons of features.
 NEW 10/14   Dolibarr ERP-CRM v16.0.1- Open source ERP/CRM web software for business.
 NEW 10/14   Pandora FMS v7.0NG765- Open source monitoring system of network resources.
 NEW 10/14   Skim v1.6.12- A free & open source PDF reader and note-taker for MacOSX.
 NEW 10/14   The Bridge Designer 2016- Design a bridge and learn about engineering.
 UPDATED 10/14   OpenCV v4.6.0- Open source computer vision & machine learning software library.
 UPDATED 10/14   ProjeQtOr v10.1.2- PHP web-based, open source project organizer.
 UPDATED 10/14   FreeCol v0.13.0- A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization.
 NEW 10/13   Tagstoo v2.0.1- Tag folders and files, with multimedia and epubs preview.
 NEW 10/13   MediaCoder v0.8.65- Universal audio/video transcoding software.
 UPDATED 10/12   LastActivityView v1.36- Displays a log of actions made by the user and events.
 NEW 10/12   Toolbox for Java/JTOpen v11.0- Access IBM i, i5/OS, OS/400 data.
 NEW 10/12   CiteSpace v6.1.3- A widely used tool for visual exploration of scientific literature.
 NEW 10/12   jEdit v5.6.0- An open source programmer's text editor written in Java.
 UPDATED 10/12   Crossfire v1.75.1- Cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.
 UPDATED 10/12   Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware v24.2- Full-featured, web-based Wiki+CMS+Groupware.
 NEW 10/11   KShutdown v5.90- Free tool to turn off or suspend a computer at a specified time.
 NEW 10/11   Game Extractor v3.14- Open and edit the archive files used in over 4000 games.
 NEW 10/11   Nortantis v1.0- An open source fantasy map generator for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 10/10   Greenfish Icon Editor Pro v4.0- Create icons, cursors, animations & icon libraries.
 UPDATED 10/09   Portable Text Encryption v10.01- Free, portable tool to encrypt imputted text.
 NEW 10/07   gretl v2022b- A cross-platform statistical package for econometric analysis.
 NEW 10/07   RecordEditor v0.99.3- A programmer's data-file editor, similar to Mainframe Editor.
 NEW 10/06   WifiDiagnosticsView v1.02- A free WiFi diagnostics tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 10/06   TaskSchedulerView v1.72- View, disable & enable mutiple Windows tasks at once.
 UPDATED 10/06   FontViewOK v8.11- Creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts.
 NEW 10/05   MegaMek v0.49.10- A networked clone of BattleTech turn-based sci-fi boardgame.
 NEW 10/05   Magic Assistant v1.5.1- Free, multi-platform app for "Magic: The Gathering" players.
 NEW 10/05   PSeInt v20210609- Learn programming basics with a simple spanish pseudocode.
 NEW 10/05   PSeInt- Aprende los conceptos básicos de programación con un simple pseudocódigo en español.
 UPDATED 10/05   AntiMicroX v3.25- Map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad.
 NEW 10/04   PDF-Shuffler v0.6.0- Merge, split, rotate, crop and rearrange PDFs in Linux.
 NEW 10/04   Cairo v0.4.245- A customizable, intuitive desktop environment for Windows.
 NEW 10/03   PosteRazor v1.9.5- Make your own poster with regular/legal sized paper & printer.
 NEW 10/03   Free Auto Typer v1.0- Very simplified way to auto-insert repeated text.
 NEW 10/03   xBRZ v1.9- A high quality image upscaling filter for various video game emulators.
 NEW 10/03   Mumble v1.4.287- Open source, low latency, high quality voice chat.
 UPDATED 10/02   Clibor v2.2.4E- Highly functional clipboard history software for Windows & MacOS.
 UPDATED 10/02   Desktop.ini Editor v1.1- Easily edit Desktop.ini files for attributes of folders.
 UPDATED 10/02   Firewall App Blocker v1.9- Block apps in Windows Firewall with drag and drop.
 NEW 09/30   SubsPlayer v2.0.7.1- Open source media player for encoding/decoding subtitles.
 NEW 09/29   Folder Creator v1.0- Simple, free batch folder creator for Windows.
 NEW 09/29   Calcpad v5.8.6- Free software for mathematical and engineering calculations.
 UPDATED 09/27   grepWin v2.0.11- A regular expression search and replace for Windows. 
 UPDATED 09/27   BowPad v2.8.4- Small, fast text editor with a ribbon interface & syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 09/26   EventLogViewer v1.0.0.5- View the event logs on a local or remote computer.
 NEW 09/23   Notes v2.0.0- Beautiful, powerful & open source note-taking app (Win,MacOS,Linux).
 UPDATED 09/23   Run-Command v5.61- A free alternative to the standard Windows Run dialog.
 UPDATED 09/22   Avidemux v2.8.1- Free video editor for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.
 NEW 09/21   Windows Health v1.0- Great portable app for techs to keep on their flash drives!
 NEW 09/21   Simple BIG Clock v1- HOLY COW!
 UPDATED 09/20   MyPhoneExplorer v2.0- Total control to sync between Windows & Android.
 UPDATED 09/20   SimpleProgramDebugger v1.16- Free tool to debug programs.
 UPDATED 09/20   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.0- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
 NEW 09/19   SimpleCodeGenerator v1.12- Generate QR codes for scanning with a smartphone.
 NEW 09/19   BatteryHistoryView v1.00- Displays the history information of your laptop battery.
 UPDATED 09/19   ProcessTCPSummary v1.17- See processes w/ TCP connections/listening UDP ports.
 UPDATED 09/16   hashcat v6.2.6- Advanced password recovery tools for #CyberSec pros only.
 NEW 09/16   zhcrypt v2.0- Tiny GUI front end to hcrypt.exe, a command line file encryption tool.
 NEW 09/14   CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator v1.1.2.4- Free tool for QR codes.
 UPDATED 09/13   SearchMyFiles v3.22- Better alternative to 'Search For Files And Folders'.
 NEW 09/13   Crow Translate v2.10.0- A translator that allows you to translate and speak text.
 UPDATED 09/12   USB Repair v9.0.0.1301- Fixes USB device errors or if a USB drive fails to install.
 UPDATED 09/09   Risen3D v2.2.35- An advanced Doom port video game for Windows.
 UPDATED 09/09   AssaultCube v1.3.0.2- A free multiplayer, FPS game, based on the CUBE engine.
 UPDATED 09/09   8bit killer v8.0.0- A first person shooter styled to resemble a NES game.
 NEW 09/09   World of Padman v1.6.2- An FPS where you & your opponents are tiny... real tiny!
 UPDATED 09/09   Xonotic v0.8.5- The Free and Fast Arena Shooter for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 09/09   Unvanquished v0.53.2- Free real-time strategy game played as a first-person shooter.
 NEW 09/08   Celeste v2.0- Add shooting stars to your Minecraft server!
 NEW 09/08   Monocraft v1.2- A programming & general use font based on the Minecraft.
 UPDATED 09/08   UninstallView v1.47- Collects info about all programs installed on your system.
 NEW 09/07   FTP Rush v3.5.3- Free file transfer software for Win, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.
 NEW 09/07   Stick A Note v3.1.1- Stick a text note to the individual window of any program.
 UPDATED 09/06   Burn v3.1.6- Simple, advanced & open source disc burning software for macOS.
 NEW 09/05   Cursor Locker v4.0.0- Confines your cursor to any game or application window.
 NEW 09/05   SVG Converter v1.0- Converts SVG files to PNG or BMP images.
 UPDATED 09/04   WifiHistoryView v1.64- Displays history of connections to wireless networks.
 UPDATED 09/04   TraceRouteOK v3.13- Tracks path of data over the Internet or local networks.
 UPDATED 09/02   USBDeview v3.06- Lists all current & previously connected USB devices.
 UPDATED 09/01   InControl v1.0.8082.2- Manage Windows 10/11 out-of-control updating /upgrading.
 UPDATED 09/01   Account Profile Fixer v1.7.0.0- Repair severe issues with Windows user accounts.
 NEW 08/31   The Snake v0.2.3.0- Control a snake whose only goal is to eat food that appears.
 NEW 08/31   QB v0.1.0- A simulation of a Rubik's Cube in 3D with lots of variations.
 NEW 08/30   AmpShell v1.3.8- A lean and fast DOSBox frontend, for Windows.
 UPDATED 08/26   Enigma v1.30- Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd (Atari ST) & Rock'n'Roll (Amiga).
 UPDATED 08/26   ccPortable v6.03- Run CCleaner from the cloud, USB, or folder without installing.
 UPDATED 08/26   Zint Barcode Generator v2.11.1- An open source barcode encoding library.
 UPDATED 08/25   NetworkConnectLog v1.15- Logs devices as they connect /disconnects from network.
 NEW 08/25   OpenAPC v7.1- An open process control and laser engraving software solution.
 UPDATED 08/25   Media Companion v3.756b- Free program to catalogue/browse movie/tv collections.
 NEW 08/25   Twinkle Tray v1.14.5- Manage the brightness of your monitors from the system tray.
 REMOVED   Crystal Security- Project seems to be abandoned. We have removed the download.
 UPDATED 08/24   ClamWin Free Antivirus v0.103.2.1- Free Antivirus for Windows & Windows Server.
 UPDATED 08/23   Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.8- A free web-based point of sale application.
 NEW 08/23   MX Linux–Xfce v21.1- Cooperative O.S. between antiX & MX Linux communities.
 UPDATED 08/22   Winamp v5.9 RC3 Build 9999- Totally remastered Winamp for the next generation.
 UPDATED 08/22   Discord portable v1.0.9006-13- Portable version of the popular VoIP app.
 UPDATED 08/22   qTox v1.17.6- Encrypted, peer-to-peer instant messaging client.