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Most Downloaded Files Today (Click for full description)
#1   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v5.1.5.116- A powerful tool to remove malware.
#2   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
#3   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.8- Emergency boot disk based on Win 11 PE x64.
  PrivaZer v4.0.84- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
#5   Rufus v4.5- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
  LibreOffice Portable v24.2.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
#7   NirLauncher v1.30.9- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
#8   SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.77- Complete computer/network info.
#9   Windows Repair v4.14.0- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
#10    Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.

  Log of updated or added files by date (Click for full description)
  We are leaving for vacation June 6th. No updates while we're gone.
  If there were updates, it wouldn't be a vacation. ;) -Randy and Deanna

 UPDATED 06/06  Transwiz v1.19.1099- Migrate your current user profile to your new user account.
 UPDATED 06/06  User Profile Wizard v24.6.1293- Free tool to migrate a user profile to a new domain.
 UPDATED 06/06  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v5.1.5.116- A powerful tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 06/05  Gaia Sky v3.6.2- A free, real-time, 3D astronomy visualization software.
 UPDATED 06/05  OpenHV v20240401- A free, pixel art, science-fiction, real-time-strategy game.
 NEW 06/05  Notation Player v5.0.1- Displays MIDI music files as sheet music while the notes play.
 UPDATED 06/05  Biniware Run v7.0.1.0- Fast access to your favorite web addresses, files & folders.
 UPDATED 06/05  Microsoft PowerToys v0.81.1- Windows system utilities to maximize productivity.
 UPDATED 06/04  no-defender v1.1.0- A slightly more fun way to disable Windows Defender.
 UPDATED 06/04  Unicodia-encyclopedia of characters v2.7.3- A free character map with definitions.
 UPDATED 06/04  Libre Hardware Monitor v0.9.3- Monitors the temps, fans, voltages, load & speed.
 UPDATED 06/04  Treesheets v9365612553- Free, open source, free form data organizer.
 UPDATED 06/04  Caesium Image Compressor v2.7.1- Compress pics up to 90% without quality loss.
 UPDATED 06/04  BatteryBoi v2.4.1- The battery app your Mac's been dreaming about.
 UPDATED 06/04  Privacy Badger v2024.5.31- A browser extension that auto-learns to block trackers.
 UPDATED 06/04  Notepad++ v8.6.8- A free, open source, multi-language source code editor.
 UPDATED 06/03  LosslessCut v3.61.1- The free, Swiss Army Knife of lossless video/audio editing.
 UPDATED 06/03  Tablacus Explorer v24.5.30- A free tabbed file manager with add-on support.
 UPDATED 06/03  QTranslate v6.10.0- A free language translator for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/03  Telegram Desktop v5.1.1- Messaging app focused on speed and security.
 UPDATED 06/03  Trellix Stinger v13.0.0.125- Free tool to remove specific computer viruses.
 UPDATED 06/03  MakeMKV v1.17.7- Convert video that you own into free unencumbered format.
 UPDATED 06/02  MeinPlatz v8.26- An easy and fast way to scan the hard disk for lost disk space.
 UPDATED 06/02  Blank And Secure v7.72- A portable tool to securely delete data from Windows.
 NEW 06/02  Subtitle Edit v4.0.6- A free and open source editor for video subtitles.
 NEW 05/31  AutoAudioRecorder v1.0- Internally record any audio playing on your computer.
 UPDATED 05/31  Google Chrome Portable v125.0.6422.142- Run Chrome from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/31  Google Chrome Standalone Installer v125.0.6422.141- For offline installations.
 UPDATED 05/31  RSS Guard v4.7.2- Feed reader for RSS/ATOM/JSON & many web-based feeds.
 UPDATED 05/31  Uninstalr v2.5- An easy to use and very accurate software uninstaller for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/30  SyncBackFree v11.3.29.0- Free Windows backup & synchronization program.
 UPDATED 05/30  Pale Moon v33.1.1- An Open Source, Goanna-based web browser.
 UPDATED 05/30  Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC) v2.2.1- Free audio/video player.
 UPDATED 05/30  Transmission v4.0.6- A fast, easy & free Bittorrent client for macOS, Windows, Linux.
 UPDATED 05/30  LibreOffice Productivity Suite v24.2.3- Free, open source office suite.
 UPDATED 05/30  LibreOffice Portable v24.2.3- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/29  LightBulb v2.5.1- Reduces eyestrain produced by staring at a computer screen.
 NEW 05/29  WinSatUi v1.0- Displays performance values of your video, CPU and HDD/SSD.
 UPDATED 05/29  Mozilla Thunderbird v115.11.1- Latest generation of Mozilla's email client.
 UPDATED 05/29  Microsoft Sysmon v15.14- Service & device driver that monitors/logs system activity.
 UPDATED 05/29  Microsoft Process Monitor v3.96- Shows real-time file, Registry & process activity.
 UPDATED 05/29  Microsoft Process Explorer v17.06- Shows info of processes loaded in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/28  WinPing v2.61- Check or measure connections in a local network or the Internet.
 UPDATED 05/28  QuickTextPaste v8.83- Allows you to paste pre-defined text into any application.
 UPDATED 05/28  FastCopy v5.7.12- Free program to copy large amounts of data at high speed.
 UPDATED 05/28  Birthday Reminder v1.9.0- Alerts you to birthdays you need to remember.
 UPDATED 05/28  ToDoList v8.3.3.0- A flexible, effective and FREE way to manage your busy life.
 UPDATED 05/27  WhoisThisDomain v2.46- A free domain registration lookup utility.
 UPDATED 05/27  Strong Passwords Need Entropy v19.0- Password strength checker & generator.
 UPDATED 05/27  SmartSystemMenu v2.26.1- Extends system menu of all windows in the system.
 NEW 05/26  Dune 3D v1.1.0- A free and opensource parametric 3D CAD application.
 NEW 05/26  TimeLapze v1.2- Take color-accurate timelapses of screens/cameras on macOS.
 NEW 05/26  Ayin v0.1.0- A free, portable and open source photo editing software for Windows.
 NEW 05/26  Superfile v1.1.3- A free, very fancy and modern terminal file manager.
 NEW 05/24  Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers v2.3- A free, highly technical kart racer game.
 UPDATED 05/24  Calibre v7.11.0- A free, open source e-book library management application.
 UPDATED 05/23  Jiffy Reader v1.1.5- An amazing web browser extension to read better faster.
 UPDATED 05/23  Personal Backup v6.3.16.0- Free, easy to use backup software for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/23  Lively Wallpaper v2.1.0.4- Free animated desktop wallpapers for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/23  FxSound v1.1.22.0- Free software to boost your cold, boring, and quiet sound.
 UPDATED 05/23  Rufus v4.5- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
 UPDATED 05/22  Adobe Digital Negative Converter v16.3- Convert camera-specific raw files to DNG.
 NEW 05/22  ExifToolGUI Portable v6.3.2-1- Free image metadata reader and modifier.
 UPDATED 05/22  SoundSwitch v6.10.3- Switch default playback/recording devices using hotkeys.
 REMOVED  Tixati - Removed due to compromised IP address warning from Malwarebytes.
 NEW 05/21  QuickRecorder v1.2.5- A free, high-performance screen recorder for macOS.
 NEW 05/21  Display Hot Keys v1.3.2- Effortlessly control display settings with hotkeys.
 UPDATED 05/21  CertViewer v1.2.8- Free, simple X.509 certificate viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/21  Imagine v1.5.3- A free image and animation viewer for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/21  InsideClipboard v1.26- Displays the binary content of all formats stored in Clipboard.
 UPDATED 05/21  Ventoy v1.0.98- An open source tool to create a bootable USB drive for ISO files.
 UPDATED 05/21  HandBrake v1.8.0- Convert video from any format to widely supported codecs.
 UPDATED 05/20  Foxit Reader Portable v2024.2.1- Free program to view, annotate, form fill, sign PDFs.
 UPDATED 05/20  AutoRun LWMenu v1.5.9.3- A free control menu, application launcher & portabilizer.
 UPDATED 05/20  KeyNote NF v1.9.5.2- Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level & encryption.
 NEW 05/20  Sound Player Lilith v2019.01.01- An ultra light, portable, skinnable music player.
 UPDATED 05/20  HiBit Uninstaller v3.2.20- Removes stubborn software, apps & browser extensions.
 UPDATED 05/17  GPT fdisk v1.0.10- A free set of text-mode GPT partitioning tools.
 UPDATED 05/17  GParted Live v1.6.0-3- A free, bootable partition editor to manage your disk partitions.
 UPDATED 05/17  EaseUS Partition Master Free v18.5- Free drive partition manager for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/16  SmartContextMenu v1.3.4- A free, smart context menu for all windows in the system.
 UPDATED 05/16  7-Zip v24.05- A free, open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.
 UPDATED 05/16  AutoHotkey v2.0.15- The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/16  Mozilla Thunderbird Portable v115.11.0- Run Thunderbird from cloud or external drive.
 UPDATED 05/15  Rename Master v3.18- A free utility to rename multiple files with just a few clicks.
 NEW 05/15  Open Industry Project v1.2.0- Free/open-source warehouse/manufacturing simulation.
 UPDATED 05/15  SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.77- Complete computer and network info.
 UPDATED 05/13  PrivaZer v4.0.85- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
Reinstated 05/13  PotPlayer v240509- A free and comprehensive video and audio player.
 UPDATED 05/13  HopToDesk v1.41.9- Free remote desktop software comparable to TeamViewer.
 UPDATED 05/13  PeaZip v9.8.0- RAR, TAR, ZIP archive utility that supports 200+ file extensions.
 Refresh 05/10  StarCraft Anthology v1.0.0.2716- Rediscover a real-time strategy classic.
 Refresh 05/10  86 DOS Version 0.1 C Serial # 11 (original disk)- Seattle Computer Products 1980.
 UPDATED 05/10  Just Color Picker v6.0- Free portable offline color picker and color editor.
 NEW 05/10  muCommander v1.4.0- An open source, dual-pane file manager for all major OSes.
 UPDATED 05/10  Scribus v1.6.1- Powerful, free & open source desktop publishing software.
 UPDATED 05/10  darktable v4.6.1- Free, open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom.
 UPDATED 05/09  ImgDrive Lite v2.1.7- Portable utility to mount any disc image as a virtual drive.
 UPDATED 05/09  Clipboardic v1.18- Listens to clipboard activity and auto-saves copied data.
 UPDATED 05/09  ShareX v16.1.0- A free screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool.
 NEW 05/09  Puzzle Collection Portable v1.0- Free, portable collection of Simon Tatham's puzzles.
 UPDATED 05/09  TreeSize Free v4.73- Free program to inspect your disk usage in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/07  Rclone v1.66.0- A free command line program to sync files/directories to cloud.
 Refresh 05/07  Recently Created or Modified Exe. Search v2.1.0.2- Tool for incident response.
 UPDATED 05/07  HDCleaner v2.071 Comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance in Windows.
 UPDATED 05/07  RegCool v2.005- An advanced registry editor with features missing in Regedit.
 UPDATED 05/06  Q-Dir v11.63- Free, quadro-view file management system for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/06  WinScan2PDF v8.81- Tiny, portable tool to scan from any scanner to PDF.
 UPDATED 05/06  Delete.On.Reboot v3.31- Free tool to delete locked files, directories & subfolders.
 UPDATED 05/05  Simutrans v124.0- Free transportation simulator game for Win,Mac,Linux & Android.
 UPDATED 05/05  Stirling-PDF v0.23.1- Your free, locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs.
 NEW 05/05  OFGB (Oh Frick Go Back) v0.3- Removes ads from various places in Windows 11.
 UPDATED 05/05  CrystalDiskInfo v9.3.0- Monitors disk health, status, temp, S.M.A.R.T. info.
 UPDATED 05/03  DAR (Disk ARchive) v2.7.14- A free command-line backup and archiving tool.
 Refresh 05/03  Microsoft Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter (wushowhide)- Hide updates.
 UPDATED 05/03  Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) v04.22.2022-Take full control over updates.
 UPDATED 05/02  Antivirus Live CD v45.0-1.3.0- Create a live USB or CD to remove viruses.
 UPDATED 05/02  Avira Rescue System v2024.02.20- Free bootable system to remove viruses.
 UPDATED 05/02  CheatBook DataBase 2024- Massive collection of cheats, hints, tips, trainers, codes.
 UPDATED 05/01  Yori v2.20- CMD replacement that supports backquotes, job control, aliases & more.
 UPDATED 05/01  Eraser v6.2.0.2994- Remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it.
 UPDATED 05/01  Agent DVR v5.4.7.0- A free, super advanced video surveillance platform.
 UPDATED 04/30  Browserosaurus v20.8.0- Be prompted to use your choice of browser in macOS.
 UPDATED 04/30  Quick Access Popup v11.6.3.3- Save thousands of clicks with this Windows utility.
 UPDATED 04/30  Money Manager Ex v1.8.0- Free, open-source, easy-to-use personal finance software.
 UPDATED 04/29  Upscayl v2.11.0- Free, open source AI image upscaler for Linux, macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 04/29  MAMEUI v0.265- Emulates many stand-alone arcade machines from 1975 to 2003+.
 UPDATED 04/29  KeepMouseSpeedOK v3.26- Prevents apps from changing your mouse speed.
 NEW 04/29  Bitte.Wenden v1.11- A small, free countdown application for Windows and Android.
 UPDATED 04/28  DesktopOK v11.21- Saves the position of your desktop icons and more.
 UPDATED 04/28  Quick Clipboard Editor v2.0- A free Windows Clipboard text editor.
 UPDATED 04/28  CudaText v1.214.0.0- A cross-platform, open source text editor, written in Lazarus.
 NEW 04/26  Principia v2024.02.29- Build advanced contraptions, circuiting, minigames & robots!
 UPDATED 04/26  Stunt Rally v3.1- A free 3D racing game with rally style driving.
 NEW 04/26  PuTTY v0.81- A free SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, and SUPDUP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/26  WinSCP v6.3.3- A free SFTP, SCP, S3, WebDAV, and FTP client for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/25  ServiWin v1.72- Free tool to take full control of drivers and services in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/25  PortableApps.com Platform v29.5- A full-featured portable software system.
 NEW 04/24  MiTeC JSON Viewer v3.2.1- A full-featured JSON/BSON viewer for Windows.
 NEW 04/24  1by1 v2.09- A free directory audio player for Windows and Android.
 UPDATED 04/24  Audacity v3.5.0- A free and easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.
 UPDATED 04/24  VLC v3.0.20- A free and open source cross-platform multimedia player.
 NEW 04/23  Investor`s Clock v1.09- Shows the time in different time zones on Windows Desktop.
 UPDATED 04/23  WinPrint v1.5.0.60- Takes print output from DOS & forwards to a Windows printer.
 UPDATED 04/22  ZMeter v1.2.2- Displays network, CPU, RAM & disk space in a Desktop graph.
 UPDATED 04/22  Extended GodMode v1.0.2.18- Easy and quick access to system-level settings.
 UPDATED 04/22  Classic Auto Login v1.0.0.1- Bring back the Auto Login feature in Windows 10/11.
 UPDATED 04/22  ElevenClock v4.3.3- Free tool to customize the Windows 11 taskbar clock.
 Refresh 04/22  Drive Letters Tool 1.0.1- Change the way drive letters are displayed in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/22  Pegasus Mail v4.80- A full-featured free email client for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/22  BulkFileChanger v1.73- Create a file list & then perform actions on them.
 UPDATED 04/19  Calcpad v6.2.3- Free software for mathematical and engineering calculations.
 UPDATED 04/19  Hasleo Disk Clone v4.2- Free Windows migration/partition/cloning software.
 UPDATED 04/19  LucKey Park v25- A free and open source amusement park building game for Linux.
 UPDATED 04/19  Tanks of Freedom II v0.6.1- A classic, turn-based strategy game with up to four armies.
 UPDATED 04/19  Puran File Recovery v1.2.1- Free program to recover deleted/lost files/partitions.
 UPDATED 04/19  HomeBank v5.7.4- Free and easy way to analyze your personal finances.
 UPDATED 04/19  Eqonomize! v1.5.6- Free, efficient and easy accounting for personal finances.
 UPDATED 04/19  NolaPro Cloud Accounting v5.0.23586- Free version for home-based freelancers.
 UPDATED 04/18  IsMyHdOK v3.96- Easily check the performance of a drive in Windows.
 NEW 04/18  Sizer v4.0- Free utility to accurately resize and reposition windows.
 UPDATED 04/18  SyMenu v8.01.8833- Portable menu launcher to organize your applications.
 UPDATED 04/17  RunX v1.0.0.1- Launch any process with System or TrustedInstaller account privileges.
 Refresh 04/17  BootSafe v5.0- A no-hassle utility to restart Windows in the Safe Mode of your choice.
 UPDATED 04/17  7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.15.1- Configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 04/17  ExplorerPatcher v22621.3296.64.1- Enhance the working environment of Windows.
 UPDATED 04/17  WSCC v7.0.8.0- The free tools you need to repair Windows in one portable app.
 NEW 04/16  AlbumEasy v4.5.0- Free stamp album page design and layout software.
 NEW 04/16  Network Aware Printing v5.0- Auto-change default printers based on network.
 UPDATED 04/16  Text Editor Pro v29.0.0- Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 04/15  FileVoyager v24.4.13.0- The free Swiss Army Knife of file management for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/15  foobar2000 v2.1.4/2.6.3- Advanced, free audio player for Windows/macOS/mobile.
 UPDATED 04/15  Opal v1.3.1- Mix and match relaxing sounds using sliders for volume levels.
 NEW 04/12  FocusOn Renamer Portable v1.6- Free tool to easily rename multiple files.
 UPDATED 04/12  Macrorit Partition Expert Free Edition v8.1.6- Free drive partitioning software.
 UPDATED 04/12  Brave v1.64.122- Free Chromium-based browser with unmatched speed/security.
 UPDATED 04/12  Visual Code Studio v1.88.1- Microsoft's free, powerful source code editor.
 UPDATED 04/12  Manager Desktop Edition v24.4.12.1431- Free small business accounting software.
 UPDATED 04/12  Winpilot v3.5.0- A free AI-driven way to customize your Windows 10/11 installation.
 UPDATED 04/12  BAR (Beyond All Reason) v1.2988.0- An epic scale real-time strategy experience.
 UPDATED 04/11  Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v18.0.7.5- Completely remove graphics drivers.
 NEW 04/11  Tiny Crate v18- Free & open source crate-chucking puzzle-platformer game.
 UPDATED 04/11  PingInfoView v3.05- Easily ping multiple host names & IP addresses in one table.
 UPDATED 04/11  CopyPath v2.0- Adds "Copy File Path" & "Copy Folder Path" to the right-click menu.
 NEW 04/10  RandomPass v2.4.0.360- Command-line program to generate complex passwords.
 UPDATED 04/10  Memtest86+ v7.00- Stand-alone memory tester for x86-64 architecture computers.
 UPDATED 04/10  Memtest86 Free v10.7- The industry standard for memory (RAM) diagnostics.
 UPDATED 04/09  Cryptomator v1.12.4- A free tool to protect your cloud data independently.
 UPDATED 04/09  Cyberduck v8.8.2- A free server and cloud storage browser for macOS & Windows.
 UPDATED 04/09  AnyTXT Searcher v1.3.1370- A free powerful local document & text search application.
 UPDATED 04/09  Mitec EXE Explorer v3.7.1- Exe File Explorer for OS/2, NE, PE32, PE32+, VxD types.
 UPDATED 04/09  AVG Clear v24.3.8975.0- Removes all traces of AVG software.
 UPDATED 04/08  AvastClear v24.3.8975- Free tool to completely remove Avast Antivirus software.
 UPDATED 04/08  OpenLoco v24.04- Re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion game.
 UPDATED 04/08  Zero Install v2.25.7- Free system to run applications without installing them.
 UPDATED 04/08  UpdateHub v2.4.0- A free app that simplifies updating software on your computer.
 UPDATED 04/08  AOMEI Backupper Standard- Free Windows backup & synchronization software.
 UPDATED 04/08  Info-Base v13.1- Free personal information manager and free-form database.
 UPDATED 04/08  StressMyPC v5.33- Free hardware stress testing software for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/08  GPU-Z v2.58.0- Provides vital info about your video card & graphics processor.
 UPDATED 04/08  ControlMyMonitor v1.38- Allows you to view & modify the settings of your monitor.
 NEW 04/05   CrossLine v1.0- A free outliner with sophisticated cross-link capabilities.
 NEW 04/05   MKVCleaver v0.8.0.0- Free tool to extract data from single or multiple MKV files.
 UPDATED 04/05   IrfanView v4.67- A fast, compact and free image viewer and converter.
 UPDATED 04/05   Veloren v0.16.0- A free action-adventure role-playing game set in a vast fantasy world.
 UPDATED 04/05   Widelands v1.2- A free, open source real-time strategy game.
 UPDATED 04/04   Mandelbulber v2.31-1- Free and open source 3D fractal rendering software.
 UPDATED 04/04   Midnight Commander for Windows v4.8.31- A free clone of Norton Commander.
 UPDATED 04/04   MediaPortal v2.5-Turn your PC into a very advanced MediaCenter/HTPC.
 NEW 04/04   Integrity Downloader v2.1.0.4- Significantly reduces the security risks of downloads.
 UPDATED 04/04   GnuCash v5.6- Free & open source financial management software.
 UPDATED 04/04   DavMail v6.2.2- Use any mail client with Exchange, Office 365 & Outlook Web Access.
 UPDATED 04/03   GrandPerspective v3.4.2- Free app that graphically displays Mac disk usage.
 UPDATED 04/03   Equalizer APO v1.3.2- An open source parametric/graphic equalizer for Windows.
 UPDATED 04/03   ESET Online Scanner v3.7.4.0- One-time scan to remove malware and threats.
 UPDATED 04/03   Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.20 b1.1.491- Stops actions of ransomware.
 UPDATED 04/03   Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.13.1.585- Detects/stops security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 04/03   Earner v1.0.2.9-Billable time keeper app that display earnings & logs work to Excel.
 UPDATED 04/03   Bluefish v2.2.13- A powerful, free editor for web designers & programmers.
 UPDATED 04/03   KiTTY v0.76.1.13- A fork of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
 UPDATED 04/03   Harmony v1.00.3340- Digital clock with 100+ chimes and 50 alarms + reminders.
 UPDATED 04/03   MACAddressView v1.48- Finds details of the MAC address of a product.
 UPDATED 04/03   MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe v4.8.4- Free Task Manager replacement on steroids!
 UPDATED 04/03   Iridium Browser v2023.09.116- A free browser securing your privacy. That’s it!
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar MiniToolBox v13.5.2022.0- Free tool to detect Internet connection issues.
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar Service Scanner v30.4.2023.0- Diagnose network connectivity issues.
 UPDATED 04/02   Farbar Recovery Scan Tool v2.4.2024.0- Portable tool to diagnose malware issues. 
 NEW 04/02   SharpCut v1.4.6- A free, simple video editing utility to cut scenes without re-encoding.
 UPDATED 04/02   FileOptimizer v16.60.2819- Advanced file optimizer with lossless file size reduction.
 UPDATED 04/01   Pocket Radio Player v240324- Free Shoutcast/IceCast compatible internet radio.
 UPDATED 04/01   AnyBurn Portable v6.1- Free, professional CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software.
 UPDATED 03/29   DiskCryptor v1.3- An open-source, free, whole disk encryption software for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/29   TraceRouteOK v3.35- Tracks path of data over the Internet or local networks.
 UPDATED 03/29   Blender v4.1.0- A free and open source 3D animation and #gamedev suite.
 NEW 03/29   WSJT v2.7.0 rc4- Free weak-signal technique ham radio communication software.
 UPDATED 03/28   NiceScaler v1.13- Open source image/video deep learning upscaler for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/28   Image Analyzer v1.43- Advanced image editing, enhancement & analysis software.
 NEW 03/28   SnipSVG v1.2- Free SVG format screen capture & graphics editor.
 NEW 03/28   Eagle Mode v0.96.1- Free zoomable user interface with file manager, games & more.
 UPDATED 03/28   HWiNFO v8.00- Free hardware information & diagnostic tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/27   CheckIP v2.3.0- Get detailed information about an IP address.
 UPDATED 03/26   CpuFrequenz v4.24- Small tool for exact determination of the CPU frequency.
 UPDATED 03/26   NetworkInterfacesView v1.35- Show info on network adapters & disabling/enabling.
 UPDATED 03/26   Sweet Home 3D v7.2- Interior design program to draw house plans/arrange furniture.
 UPDATED 03/26   OmegaT v6.0.0- Open source Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool.
 UPDATED 03/26   Route Generator v1.11.0- A free tool to draw routes on a map & generate a movie.
 UPDATED 03/25   Hugin v2023.0.0- A free panorama photo stitcher for Windows/MacOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 03/25   DS4Windows v3.3.3- Free tool to use a DualShock 4 Controller on your PC.
 UPDATED 03/25   BiblioteQ v2023.12.30- Open-source archival and library software.
 UPDATED 03/25   Internet DJ Console v0.9.8- Free DJ console and internet radio client for Linux.
 UPDATED 03/25   QPrompt v1.1.6- Free teleprompter software for streamers & presenters.
 UPDATED 03/25   Discord portable v1.0.9035-18- Portable version of the popular VoIP app.
 UPDATED 03/25   WifiInfoView v2.93- Displays complete info on wireless networks around you.
 UPDATED 03/24   ForceDelete v1.1- Free utility to delete files & folders in Windows that refuse to die.
 NEW 03/24   MouseAxisLocker v1.0- Restrict cursor to horizontal, vertical or diagonal movement.
 NEW 03/22   Tiny Pixel Planets v0.3.1- Humanity enters the final frontier. Find habitable planets.
 UPDATED 03/22   Cherrytree v1.1.0- A free, hierarchical note taking app and todo list.
 UPDATED 03/22   OBS Studio v30.1.0- Open source software for video recording & live streaming.
 UPDATED 03/21   Demucs GUI v1.1- Open source tool to separate music files into separate tracks.
 UPDATED 03/21   qmmp v2.1.6- Open source, Qt-based multimedia player similar to Winamp.
 UPDATED 03/21   DBeaver v24.0.0- Free universal database tool and SQL client.
 UPDATED 03/21   VICE v3.8- A Commodore emulator for C64, C128, VIC20, PET & more.
 UPDATED 03/21   FreePlane v1.11.11- For mind mapping, knowledge & project management.
 UPDATED 03/21   ocenaudio v3.13.5- Free, fast & feature-packed audio editor for Win, Mac, Linux.
 REMOVED   DUDE (DUplicates DEtector)- Too many VirusTotal hits in latest version.
 NEW 03/21   Librer v1.0148.474- A file cataloging program with extensive customization options.
 UPDATED 03/20   XFLR5 v6.61- An open source analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes.
 UPDATED 03/20   Shutter Encoder v18.0- Free, professional video converter for Windows/Mac/Linux.
 UPDATED 03/20   Gnuplot v5.4.7/6.0.0- A portable, multi-platform, command-line driven graphing utility.
 UPDATED 03/20   Volume² v1.1.8.465- A complete replacement for the Windows volume control.
 UPDATED 03/20   EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) v5.28- Keep track of your movies and TV series.
 UPDATED 03/19   Tweakeze v2.17.1777- Portable program to stop unwanted system changes.
 UPDATED 03/19   SystemRescue v11.00- Free, Linux-based, bootable system rescue & repair tool.
 UPDATED 03/19   Flying Carpet v8.0.1- File transfer for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows over WiFi.
 UPDATED 03/19   Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.3.9- Fastest way to download your repair tools.
 UPDATED 03/19   Antivirus Removal Tool 2024.03- Free tool to completely remove antivirus software.
 NEW 03/18   Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe- Free replacement for expired versions of Money.
 UPDATED 03/18   Webots vR2023b- An open source, multi-platform robot simulator.
 UPDATED 03/18   ChromeHistoryView v1.53- Displays/saves the history file of Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 03/18   Kooha v2.2.4- Elegantly record your screen in Linux easily & without distractions.
 Refresh 03/18   Warsow v2.1.2- Free, fast-paced first-person shooter for Windows, Linux & macOS.
 UPDATED 03/18   64tass v1.59.3120- Assembler for the legendary 6502 processor & it's derivatives.
 UPDATED 03/18   x64dbg v2024-03-08_16-44- An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.
 UPDATED 03/18   Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.8- Do-everything boot disk based on Win 11 PE x64.
 UPDATED 03/18   GNS3 v3.0.0 dev12- A network simulator to design & configure virtual networks.
 NEW 03/18   WhatChanged v1.07- A free utility that scans for modified files and registry entries.
 UPDATED 03/18   Xelitan Video Player v1.5- Free, portable video player with lots of built-in decoders.
 UPDATED 03/17   Network Profile Name Changer v1.4- Rename Windows network connections.
 UPDATED 03/17   Wireless Network Watcher v2.41- Displays list of devices connected to your WiFi.
 UPDATED 03/17   ManageWirelessNetworks v1.12- A better alternative to "Manage Wireless Networks".
 UPDATED 03/15   TakeStock v2.0 R69- Free full-featured personal investment management software.
 UPDATED 03/15   MAME v0.263- A multi-purpose emulation framework to preserve/play classic games.
 UPDATED 03/15   QOwnNotes v24.3.3- Plain-text notepad with ownCloud/Nextcloud integration.
 NEW 03/15   Magicavoxel v0.99.7.1- A free 8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer.
 UPDATED 03/14   Art of Illusion v3.2.1- A free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio.
 UPDATED 03/13   GnuCOBOL v3.2- A free, open source COBOL compiler for Windows & Linux.
 UPDATED 03/13   Manuskript v0.16.1- Open source tool for writers to write from draft to completion.
 UPDATED 03/13   Quiz/Survey/Test Online v3.12.02- A free, open source assessment solution.
 UPDATED 03/13   Lilidog v24.02.22- Lightweight, stable Debian based Linux distro with Openbox.
 UPDATED 03/13   Battle for Wesnoth v1.17.26- The wildly popular, free, turn-based strategy game.
 UPDATED 03/13   Rosegarden v23.12- A free, open source MIDI sequencer for Linux.
 UPDATED 03/13   Stickies v10.1d- Sticky notes for your desktop with tons of features.
 UPDATED 03/12   Skim v1.7.1- A free & open source PDF reader and note-taker for MacOSX.
 Refresh 03/12   The Bridge Designer 2016- Design a bridge and learn about engineering.
 UPDATED 03/12   OpenCV v4.9.0- Open source computer vision & machine learning software library.
 UPDATED 03/11   Lorien v0.6.0- Free infinite canvas drawing/whiteboarding app.
 UPDATED 03/08   ProjeQtOr v11.1.5- PHP web-based, open source project organizer.
 UPDATED 03/08   FreeCol v1.1.0- A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization.
 UPDATED 03/08   CoolTerm v2.1.1- A simple, free serial port terminal application.
 Refresh 03/08   Speed Dreams v2.3.0- A free 3D open source motorsport sim & racing game.
 UPDATED 03/07   JTOpen v20.0.7- The IBM Toolbox for Java. An IBM i communications library.
 UPDATED 03/07   CiteSpace v6.3.1- A widely used tool for visual exploration of scientific literature.
 Refresh 03/07   MorseRabbit v0.21- A free utility to learn and practive Morse Code.
 NEW 03/07   FaxTool v0.20- A free drag & drop utility for splitting/merging TIFF & PDF files.
 UPDATED 03/07   Signal v7.1.1- A free, cross-platform encrypted messaging app.
 UPDATED 03/07   Shotcut v24.02.29- A free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
 UPDATED 03/06   Paint.NET v5.0.13- Free, full-featured image and photo editing software.
 UPDATED 03/06   Crossfire v1.75.1/.2- Cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.
 UPDATED 03/06   Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware v26.2- Full-featured, web-based Wiki+CMS+Groupware.
 NEW 03/06   Clipshare v2.8.0- Share clipboards between Android device and Win/macOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 03/05   Nortantis v2.0- A free fantasy map generator geared towards writers and novelists.
 UPDATED 03/05   WizTree v4.19- World's fastest, free hard disk space analyzer that now finds duplicates.
 UPDATED 03/05   MetarWeather v1.77- Decodes METAR weather reports and displays them in a table.
 UPDATED 03/05   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.4.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
 UPDATED 03/04   Greenfish Icon Editor Pro v4.2- Create icons, cursors, animations & icon libraries.
 UPDATED 03/04   gretl v2023c- A cross-platform statistical package for econometric analysis.
 UPDATED 03/04   WifiDiagnosticsView v1.05- A free WiFi diagnostics tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/04   TaskSchedulerView v1.74- View, disable & enable mutiple Windows tasks at once.
 UPDATED 03/04   FontViewOK v8.38- Creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts.
 UPDATED 03/04   MegaMek v0.49.18- A networked clone of BattleTech turn-based sci-fi boardgame.
 UPDATED 03/04   PSeInt v20240122- Learn programming basics with a simple spanish pseudocode.
 UPDATED 03/04   PSeInt- Aprende los conceptos básicos de programación con un simple pseudocódigo en español.
 UPDATED 03/04   AntiMicroX v3.3.4- Map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad.
 UPDATED 03/04   RisohEditor v5.8.1- A free, portable resource editor for Win32 development.
 UPDATED 03/04   XMedia Recode v3.5.9.2- Converts almost all known audio/video formats for free.
 NEW 03/03   FurMark 2 v2.1.0.2- Free GPU stress test and OpenGL & Vulkan Graphics benchmark.
 UPDATED 03/03   FurMark 1 v1.38.1.0- Free 32bit GPU stress test and OpenGL benchmark.
 NEW 03/01   Durak v1.0- A free card game where you attack or defend against your opponents.
 NEW 03/01   Paste Into File v5.2.0.0- Paste clipboard data into files & copy file contents directly.
 NEW 03/01   REDUCE rev.6658- Free general-purpose algebra system for Win, Mac, Linux.
 UPDATED 03/01   HWMonitor v1.53- Free hardware monitoring program for voltages, temps, fans. 
 UPDATED 03/01   WinDefThreatsView v1.15- Displays threats detected by Defender to set default action.
 UPDATED 02/29   SubsPlayer v2.0.8.7- Open source media player for encoding/decoding subtitles.
 UPDATED 02/29   grepWin v2.0.15- A regular expression search and replace for Windows. 
 UPDATED 02/29   BowPad v2.8.9- Small, fast text editor with a ribbon interface & syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 02/28   Notes v2.2.1- Beautiful, powerful & open source note-taking app (Win,MacOS,Linux).
 UPDATED 02/28   ArsClip v5.39- A freeware Clipboard manager utility for Windows. 
 UPDATED 02/28   AllDup v4.5.60- A freeware tool to find & remove duplicate files in Windows.
 UPDATED 02/28   TestDisk & PhotoRec v7.2- Two free, powerful data recovery tools in one download.
 NEW 02/27   TIC-80 v1.1.2837- A fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.
 UPDATED 02/27   NirLauncher v1.30.9- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
 UPDATED 02/27   FreeFileSync v13.4- Open source folder comparison & synchronization.
 NEW 02/26   Tetzle v2.2.3- A free jigsaw puzzle game that uses tetrominoes for the pieces.
 UPDATED 02/26   CrystalDiskMark v8.0.5- Free program to benchmark the performance of disks.
 UPDATED 02/26   VirtualBox v7.0.14- Create virtual machines in Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
 UPDATED 02/26   NewFileTime v7.16- Manipulate the timestamp of any file or folder.
 UPDATED 02/26   Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK v4.04- A free calendar for the Windows desktop.
 NEW 02/23   C-Dogs SDL v2.0.0- A free, classic overhead run-and-gun game for WIn, Mac, Linux.
 UPDATED 02/22   Run-Command v6.06- A free alternative to the standard Windows Run dialog.
 UPDATED 02/22   Simple BIG Clock v1.0- HOLY COW!
 UPDATED 02/22   MyPhoneExplorer v2.1- Total control to sync between Windows & Android.
 UPDATED 02/22   SimpleCodeGenerator v1.13- Generate QR codes for scanning with a smartphone.
 UPDATED 02/22   BatteryHistoryView v1.05- Displays the history information of your laptop battery.
 UPDATED 02/22   ProcessTCPSummary v1.18- See processes w/ TCP connections/listening UDP ports.
 UPDATED 02/22   Risen3D v2.2.35- An advanced Doom port video game for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/22   AssaultCube v1.3.0.2- A free multiplayer, FPS game, based on the CUBE engine.
 UPDATED 02/22   SearchMyFiles v3.24- Better alternative to 'Search For Files And Folders'.
 UPDATED 02/22   Crow Translate v2.11.1- A translator that allows you to translate and speak text.
 UPDATED 02/22   8bit killer v8.0.0- A first person shooter styled to resemble an NES game.
 UPDATED 02/22   World of Padman v1.6.2- A first person shooter where everyone is tiny... real tiny!
 UPDATED 02/22   USBImager v1.0.10- Write compressed disk images to USB drives & create backups.
 UPDATED 02/22   FileTypesMan v2.00- Alternative to the 'File Types' tab in 'Folder Options' of Windows.
 UPDATED 02/22   RedNotebook Portable v2.32- Free, modern journal with calendar and more.
 UPDATED 02/22   Password Tech v3.5.4- Generate large amounts of secure passwords and more.
 NEW 02/21   Realistic VHS Video Converter v1.3.3- Convert high-res videos to VHS-looking videos.
 UPDATED 02/21   RustDesk v1.2.3-1- Free remote desktop software for Win, Mac, Linux & Android.
 NEW 02/21   PDFgear v2.1.4- Free software to read, edit, convert, merge, and sign PDF files.
 UPDATED 02/21   GCompris v4.0- Free educational suite with activities for children age 2 to 10.
 UPDATED 02/20   Xonotic v0.8.6- The Free and Fast Arena Shooter for Windows, MacOS & Linux.
 UPDATED 02/20   Monocraft v3.0- A programming & general use font based on the Minecraft.
 UPDATED 02/20   UninstallView v1.50- Collects info about all programs installed on your system.
 UPDATED 02/20   FTP Rush v3.5.7- Free file transfer software for Win, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.
 UPDATED 02/20   Burn v3.1.7- Simple, advanced & open source disc burning software for macOS.
 UPDATED 02/20   USBDeview v3.07- Lists all current & previously connected USB devices.
 UPDATED 02/20   Enigma v1.30- Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd (Atari ST) & Rock'n'Roll (Amiga).
 UPDATED 02/20   ccPortable v6.21- Run CCleaner from the cloud, USB, or folder without installing.
 UPDATED 02/20   Zint Barcode Generator v2.13.0- An open source barcode encoding library.
 UPDATED 02/20   NetworkConnectLog v1.16- Logs devices as they connect /disconnects from network.
 UPDATED 02/20   OpenAPC v7.7- An open process control and laser engraving software solution.
 NEW 02/18   Lix v0.10.19- A free puzzle game inspired by Lemmings (DMA Design, 1991).
 UPDATED 02/18   Pentobi 22.0- A computer opponent for the board game Blokus.
 UPDATED 02/18   Media Companion v3.763b- Free program to catalogue/browse movie/tv collections.
 UPDATED 02/18   Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.9- A free web-based point of sale application.
 UPDATED 02/18   MX Linux–Xfce v23.2- Cooperative O.S. between antiX & MX Linux communities.
 UPDATED 02/16   Retroshare v0.6.7- Create an encrypted network for forums/channels/chat/mail.
 UPDATED 02/15   Linux Kodachi v8.27 Kernel 6.2- A secure, open source Linux distribution.
 UPDATED 02/15   Trilium Notes v0.62.6- A hierarchical note taking app for personal knowledge.
 UPDATED 02/15   AM-DeadLink v6.0- Detects dead links & redirections in bookmarks & files.
 UPDATED 02/15   Windows Registry Recovery v3.1.2- Extracts useful info from Windows hard drives.
 UPDATED 02/14   Naikari: Eye of Chaos v0.12.0- A free and open source 2-D space mystery game.
 UPDATED 02/14   File Attribute Changer v1.2.0.147-Change name, timestamps, attributes of files/folders.
 UPDATED 02/13   Vidiot v0.3.39- Insanely easy to use video editor targeted for home video editing.
 NEW 02/13   Skiff v1.0.0.9- Privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar.
 UPDATED 02/12   LastActivityView v1.37- Displays a log of actions made by the user and events.
 UPDATED 02/12   Revo Uninstaller Free v2.4.5- A free utility to remove stubborn programs.
 UPDATED 02/11   City Art Search v7.0.0.6- Personalize Win10/11 lock screen with  high-res artworks.
 UPDATED 02/11   Sudoku v1.3.1- Play Sudoku on your computer or print out the game sheets.
 UPDATED 02/11   NetworkLatencyView v1.72- Listens to TCP connections and calculates latency.
 UPDATED 02/11   Matrix Screensaver v1.4- Screensaver of the green "Matrix" cypher-code.
 UPDATED 02/11   PhotoResizerOK v2.88- Free tool to quickly reduce the file size of pictures.
 UPDATED 02/11   Okular v23.08.4- Read PDFs, comics, EPubs, images, markdown docs & more.
 UPDATED 02/11   TheSage v7.58- Free English dictionary & thesaurus. A 21st century lexical reference.
 UPDATED 02/10   ZoomIt v8.01- A free screen zoom, annotation, record tool for presentations & demos.
 UPDATED 02/10   WifiHistoryView v1.65- Displays history of connections to wireless networks.
 NEW 02/09   FileFriend v1.9.1- A free file manipulation and encryption utility for Windows.
 NEW 02/09   Arctic Warfare v1.0.0- Battle tanks in the Arctic!
 UPDATED 02/09   Peace Equalizer v1.6.6.0- Free, system-wide PC audio equalizer and effects app.
 UPDATED 02/09   Microsoft Autoruns v14.11- Shows what loads during system bootup & allows disabling.
 NEW 02/09   Escape Velocity Nova: CE r2- Free space RPG series from the 90s & early 00s.
 UPDATED 02/08   Stella v6.7.1- A free, multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator.
 UPDATED 02/07   RuntimeClassesView v1.00- Displays a list of installed Windows Runtime classes.
 UPDATED 02/07   NetworkUsageView v1.31- Shows network info in SRUDB.dat database.
 UPDATED 02/08   CSV Buddy v3.0- A complete, portable tool to edit CVS files.
 UPDATED 02/08   KiCad EDA v7.0.10- Cross platform, open source electronics design automation suite.
 NEW 02/07   AM-Notebook v7.0- Free, multi-featured note taking software for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/07   OpenTTD v14.0- Simulation game based on Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
 NEW 02/07   Capture the Flag v3.2- A blast from your 1990s past!
 NEW 02/07   Terrordorme: Rise of the Boogeyman v2.10.3- The ultimate horror movie fighting game!
 UPDATED 02/06   JSignPdf v2.2.2- Free tool to add digital signatures to PDF documents.
 UPDATED 02/06   Espanso v2.2.1- Supercharge your typing, messaging, scripting & coding experience.
 UPDATED 02/06   Artweaver Free v7.0.16- Full-featured painting tool with realistic brushes.
 UPDATED 02/06   Artweaver Plugins and Language Files v2.0- Everything you need for Artweaver.
 UPDATED 02/06   ChromePass v1.58- Retrieves passwords stored by Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 02/06   BakAndImgCD v44.0- A live, Linux-based OS to perform data backup & disk imaging.
 UPDATED 02/06   Print.Test.Page.OK v3.02- An alternative, portable test page printout for Windows.
 UPDATED 02/05   ReactOS v0.4.14 r98- Open source operating system with NT4,2K,XP,03 compatibility.
 UPDATED 02/05   streamWriter v5.9.0.1103- Records music broadcasted by internet radio stations.
 UPDATED 02/05   Don't Sleep v9.47- Prevents shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate of Windows.
 NEW 02/05   MilkyTracker v1.04.00- A free, open source, multi-platform music tracker.
 UPDATED 02/04   Kate v23.0.8.4 Build 2299- A free, open source and feature-packed text editor.
 UPDATED 02/04   WinContig v5.0.2.1- Free tool to defrag designated parts or all of a hard drive.
 UPDATED 02/04   Domination (Risk Board Game) v1.2.9- A free Risk clone with hundreds of maps.
 UPDATED 02/04   Fort Firewall v3.11.3- A simple, free & open source firewall for Windows 7/8/10/11.
 UPDATED 02/04   Ron's HTML Cleaner v2024.01.30.1138- Free tool to clean your HTML code.
 UPDATED 02/02   Clonezilla v3.1.2-9- Free, open source hard drive imaging/cloning program.
 NEW 02/01   Chocolate Theme v1.0- A  free chocolate desktop theme for Windows 11, 10 and 8.
 NEW 02/01   Fate v11.02.1- No nonsense file and text encryption for Windows and Linux.
 UPDATED 02/01   Portable Text Encryption v14.11- Free, portable tool to encrypt text.
 UPDATED 01/31   W10Privacy v5.1.0.0- Free tool to easily find/change privacy settings in Win10/11.
 UPDATED 01/31   HiBit Startup Manager v2.6.30- Manage applications that are loaded automatically.
 UPDATED 01/31   HiBit System Information v2.1.20- Extract details of all components of your computer.
 UPDATED 01/31   Dwarf Fortress Classic v50.11- Fantasy game in a random generated/persistent world.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.8- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Classic v5.67.8- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 NEW 01/30   MOLOSS II v24.01.21- Multi Oscillator Linear Open Source Synthesizer.
 NEW 01/30   F3D v2.3.0- Free 3D viewer supporting physically based rendering and raytracing.
 UPDATED 01/29   Multi Commander v13.5- A free multi-tabbed file manager for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/29   LSASecretsView v1.26- Free tool to view LSA secrets stored on your computer.
 NEW 01/26   Flexxi v1.0- Free program to resize, rotate, rename & convert batches of images.
 NEW 01/26   Scale Travel v1.0- Start as a small hero and become bigger than the Universes!
 NEW 01/26   Arithmometer v2.0-  A free card-playing/deck-building game you can't stop playing.
 UPDATED 01/25   croc v9.6.6- Free tool to transfer files/ folders between 2 computers.
 UPDATED 01/25   Bforartists 4 v4.0.2- All in one, free and open source 3D creation. (fork of Blender)
 UPDATED 01/25   massCode v3.10.0- Free & open source code snippets manager for developers.
 UPDATED 01/24   IPerf2 v2.1.9- Measures network performance of TCP/UDP including latency.
 UPDATED 01/24   Polymeter v1.0.14- A MIDI sequencer that's in multiple prime meters simultaneously.
 UPDATED 01/24   PropertySystemView v1.20- Modify the properties of a file from GUI & command-line.
 UPDATED 01/24   FolderTimeUpdate v1.72- Syncs 'Modified Time' of folders with time of files in it.
 UPDATED 01/24   AuthPass v1.9.9+1975- Free password manager. Compatible with KeePass files.
 UPDATED 01/24   Mines-Perfect Portable v1.4.0.4- Looking for the ultimate Minesweeper clone?
 UPDATED 01/24   Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One- One batch file to install them all.
 UPDATED 01/23   CPU-Z v2.09- Gathers and displays info on the main devices in your system.
 UPDATED 01/23   Password Safe v3.65.0- Create an encrypted username/password list.
 NEW 01/23   cPicture v3.8.8- A free Windows photo explorer with lots of features.
 NEW 01/22   AbleWord v3.0- A free word processor and PDF editor that can replace WordPad.
 NEW 01/22   AbiWord v2.8.6- A free word processing program very similar to WordPad.
 UPDATED 01/19   Grub2Win v2.3.8.3- Safely multiboot Windows & Linux on both GPT & MBR disks.
 UPDATED 01/19   Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v0.31.0- A roguelike adventure through dungeons.
 UPDATED 01/19   MiniTool Partition Wizard Free v12.8- Free program to organize disk partitions.
 UPDATED 01/18   Minetest v5.8.0- A near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine.
 UPDATED 01/17   FocusWriter v1.8.6- Write without distractions with this free editor.
 UPDATED 01/17   Network Password Recovery v1.57- Recovers network passwords stored in Windows.
 UPDATED 01/17   Twine v2.8.1- Open-source writing tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.
 UPDATED 01/17   Pencil v3.1.1- An open-source GUI prototyping tool for mockups.
 UPDATED 01/16   Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v7.14.0.15- Free tool to overclock/monitor/stress a system.
 UPDATED 01/16   Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool v4.1.9.41- A free diagnostic tool for Intel processors.
 UPDATED 01/16   Wavosaur v1.8.0.0- Free audio editor for editing, processing & recording sounds.
 NEW 01/15   Gaming Debloater v1.4- Free gaming debloater with gaming tweaks for your computer.
 UPDATED 01/15   VidCoder v9.17- An open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping & video transcoding application.
 UPDATED 01/15   EditPad Lite v8.4.2- A great, free replacement for the Windows Notepad or Wordpad.
 UPDATED 01/15   DocPad v30.0- A great, free replacement for the Windows Notepad or Wordpad.
 UPDATED 01/15   AutoIt v3.3.16.1- BASIC-like scripting language for automating Windows GUI.
 UPDATED 01/12   AutoHideDesktopIcons v6.07- Hide your desktop icons via an adjustable timer.
 UPDATED 01/12   Textify v1.10.4- Copy text from dialog boxes that don't allow it.
 UPDATED 01/12   MediaInfo v23.11.1- Shows relevant technical & tag data for video & audio files.
 UPDATED 01/12   MediaConch v23.10 Free checker, reporter & fixer of pro audiovisual files.
 NEW 01/12   MP3Gain v1.2.5- Analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume.
 UPDATED 01/11   StopUpdates10 v4.5.2023- Free tool to take control over Windows updates.
 UPDATED 01/11   Galaxy Buds Client v4.5.4- Configure/control Samsung Galaxy Buds on your desktop.
 UPDATED 01/11   Shark007 Codecs v18.2.2- Free audio and video codecs for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/10   FreeCAD v0.21.2- A free, open-source parametric 3D modeler.
 UPDATED 01/10   Apache OpenOffice v4.1.15- Free office suite for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 01/08   Hekasoft Backup & Restore v0.96- Free tool to backup your browser & other programs.
 UPDATED 01/08   Metadata++ v2.05.1- Freeware tool to view, add, edit, modify, extract, copy metadata.
 NEW 01/07   ColorBug v3.1- A handy, free color-picker tool, which makes it simple to select colors.
 UPDATED 01/07   Homedale v2.09- A free Wi-Fi / WLAN monitor for Windows and MacOS.
 UPDATED 01/07   simplewall v3.7.7- Free firewall tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform.
 UPDATED 01/07   Virtual Volumes View v1.5- Catalog removable drives like CD/ DVDs for off-line search.
 NEW 01/05   VUMeter v1.2- A free, old style analog (simulated) meter to monitor sound levels.
 UPDATED 01/05   FreeCommander XE v2024 b.900- Easy-to-use alternative to Windows file manager.
 UPDATED 01/04   CorsixTH v0.67- A clone of the 1997 Bullfrog business sim Theme Hospital.
 UPDATED 01/04   ScrambleOnClick v1.7.6.0- Encrypt/decrypt a section of text in any document.
 NEW 01/04   mrv2 v1.0.0- Free, pro player & review tool for VFX, animation & computer graphics.
 UPDATED 01/04   FullEventLogView v1.80- Displays the details of the Event Log in a table.
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