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Most Downloaded Files Today (Click for full description)
#1  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.3.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
#2  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.5.9.198- Removes malware, viruses & more.
#3  SUPERAntiSpyware Free v10.0.1246- Removes malware other programs miss.
  LibreOffice Portable Fresh v7.2.4- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder/ext. drive.
 McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.439- Free program to remove viruses & malware.
#6  NirLauncher v1.23.60- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
#7  Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.2- Emergency boot disk based on Win 10 PE x64.
#8  Windows/Office ISO Download Tool v8.46- Download Windows/Office from MS.
#9  Windows Repair v4.13.0- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
#10   Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.9 ISO- Every tool you need in a bootable image.

  Log of updated or added files by date (Click for full description)
 UPDATED 07/01  Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v7.8.0.21- Free tool to overclock/monitor/stress a system.
 NEW 07/01  Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool v4.1.7.39- A free diagnostic tool for Intel processors.
 UPDATED 07/01  ScreenToGif v2.37- Screen, webcam & sketchboard recorder with an editor.
 NEW 07/01  Counter Control v1.1- Fix for Windows Defender taking over performance counters.
 UPDATED 07/01  GnuCash v4.11- Free & open source financial management software.
 NEW 06/30  Squid Game Theme v1.0- A Squid Game desktop theme for Windows 11, 10, 8 & 7.
 NEW 06/30  Floreant POS v1.4- Free, open source, enterprise-grade restaurant point of sale.
 UPDATED 06/30  AuthPass v1.9.7+1940- Free password manager. Compatible with KeePass files.
 UPDATED 06/30  SearchMyFiles v3.20- Better alternative to 'Search For Files And Folders'.
 UPDATED 06/30  Tweakeze v2.09.1280- Portable program to stop unwanted system changes.
 NEW 06/29   Mines-Perfect Portable v1.4.0.4- Looking for the ultimate Minesweeper clone?
 UPDATED 06/29   Mozilla Thunderbird Portable v102.0- Portable version of the popular email app.
 UPDATED 06/29   Mozilla Thunderbird v102.0- A fast, free and easy to use email client.
 UPDATED 06/29   AVG Clear v22.6.7355.0- Removes all traces of AVG software.
 NEW 06/29   Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One- One batch file to install them all.
 UPDATED 06/29   Mozilla Firefox ESR v102.0- Extended Support Release version for Enterprise.
 UPDATED 06/29   Mozilla Firefox v102.0- Full install packages for the Firefox web browser.
 UPDATED 06/29   Mozilla Firefox Portable v102.0- Run Firefox from your USB flash drive.
 UPDATED 06/29   Pencil v3.1.0- An open-source GUI prototyping tool for mockups.
 UPDATED 06/29   Twine v2.3.16- Open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.
 UPDATED 06/28   AutoIt v3.3.16.0- BASIC-like scripting language for automating Windows GUI.
 NEW 06/28   AutoHideDesktopIcons v5.61- Hide your desktop icons via an adjustable timer.
 UPDATED 06/28   Textify v1.10.2- Copy text from dialog boxes that don't allow it.
 UPDATED 06/28   MediaConch v22.03 Free checker, reporter & fixer of pro audiovisual files.
 UPDATED 06/28   MediaInfo v22.06- Shows relevant technical & tag data for video & audio files.
 UPDATED 06/28   ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 10 and 11 v16.1.7- Free audio/video codecs.
 UPDATED 06/28   McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.439- Free program to remove viruses & malware.
 NEW 06/27   CorsixTH v0.66- A clone of the 1997 Bullfrog business sim Theme Hospital.
 UPDATED 06/27   Rufus v3.18/v3.19b- Create bootable USB flash drives for any operating system.
 NEW 06/27   ScrambleOnClick v1.7.4.0- Encrypt/decrypt a section of text in any document.
 NEW 06/26   Jiffy Reader v1.0.7.1- An amazing web browser extension to read better faster.
 UPDATED 06/26   ToDoList v8.1.5.0- A flexible, effective and FREE way to manage your busy life.
 UPDATED 06/26   mrViewer v6.2.0- Free player, viewer, flipbook for VFX, 3D graphics/illustration.
 UPDATED 06/26   SmartSystemMenu v2.21.1- Extends system menu of all windows in the system.
 UPDATED 06/26   CrystalDiskInfo v8.17.3- Monitors disk health, status, temp, S.M.A.R.T. info.
 NEW 06/24   Rigs of Rods v2022.04- A free and open source sandbox-style vehicle simulator.
 UPDATED 06/24   PySolFC v2.16.0- A free collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games.
 UPDATED 06/24   FreeCol v0.12.0- A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization.
 UPDATED 06/24   Freeciv v3.0.2- Free turn-based multiplayer strategy game based on Civilization.
 UPDATED 06/24   The Battle for Wesnoth v1.17.5- Popular, free, turn-based strategy game.
 NEW 06/24   Hasleo Disk Clone v2.9- Free Windows Migration/Partition/Cloning Software.
 UPDATED 06/24   FullEventLogView v1.71- Displays the details of the Event Log in a table.
 NEW 06/23   Perpetual Notes v3.75- Write beautifully. Organize easily. Find everything.
 UPDATED 06/23   HeavyLoad v3.7.0.301- Freeware stress test tool to bring your PC to its limits.
 UPDATED 06/23   Text Editor Pro v24.0.1- Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting.
 UPDATED 06/23   Money Manager Ex v1.5.15- Open-source, easy personal finance software.
 UPDATED 06/23   DxWnd v2.05.85- Run old fullscreen games in a window for compatibility.
 UPDATED 06/23   FastCopy v4.1.6- Free program to copy large amounts of data at high speed.
 UPDATED 06/22   NoMachine v7.10.1- Free, full-featured, multi-platform remote desktop software.
 NEW 06/22   Putt Putt Saves The Zoo (1995)- A CD image (ISO) of the original 1995 game disk.
 UPDATED 06/22   WinContig v4.0.0.0- Free tool to defrag designated parts or all of a hard drive.
 UPDATED 06/22   Signal v5.46.0- Free, cross-platform encrypted messaging app.
 UPDATED 06/22   WPD v1.5.2042- Free tool to customize privacy related settings in Windows.
 UPDATED 06/21   Rclone v1.58.1- A free command line program to sync files/directories to cloud.
 UPDATED 06/21   Clear Disk Info v3.1.0.0- Displays health info of connected storage devices.
 UPDATED 06/21   7-Zip v22.00- A free, open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.
 UPDATED 06/21   HWiNFO v7.26- Free hardware information & diagnostic tool for Windows.
 NEW 06/20   PhotoLapse v1.2.0- Create time lapse (HDTR images) from pics taken at intervals.
 UPDATED 06/20   FocusWriter v1.8.0- Write without distractions with this free editor.
 UPDATED 06/20   Recently Created or Modified Exe. Search v2.1.0.2- Tool for incident response.
 UPDATED 06/20   Windows Repair v4.13.0- All of the tools to fix most Windows issues.
 NEW 06/17   Print Out My Passwords in Firefox v1.0- Displays Firefox saved logins to print.
 UPDATED 06/17   QuickMon v5.3.9 Monitor & alert on various resources locally or remotely.
 UPDATED 06/17   Belarc Advisor v11.5.1- Free, complete system information for computers.
 NEW 06/16   Simple_QrBar_Generator v1.0.0- Simple & easy to use QR/barcode generator.
 NEW 06/16   Mini Inventory Control System v1.0.4- Manage incoming and outgoing products.
 NEW 06/16   Simple Screen Recorder v1.0.8- Simple, portable & easy screen recorder.
 UPDATED 06/16   Distant Desktop v3.1- Free remote desktop software for Windows & Android.
 UPDATED 06/16   Wireshark v3.6.6- World’s foremost & widely-used network protocol analyzer.
 UPDATED 06/16   AutoClicker v3.0 (updated)- A portable auto-clicker without malware or adware.
 UPDATED 06/15   Libre Hardware Monitor v0.9.0- Monitors temp, fans, volts, load & clock speeds.
 UPDATED 06/15   Product Key Scanner v1.01- Finds product keys in Windows & external drives.
 UPDATED 06/15   IsMyHdOK v3.66- Free, fast and tiny hard drive (HDD/SSD) tester.
 UPDATED 06/15   Spybot Search and Destroy v2.9.82- Free tool to remove malicious software.
 UPDATED 06/15   SuperDuper v3.6.2- Free program to repair, backup and clone your Mac.
 UPDATED 06/15   Antivirus Removal Tool 2022.06- Completely removes antivirus software.
 UPDATED 06/15   LoveWindowsAgain v0.20- Disable the Windows 11 components you don’t need.
 UPDATED 06/15   Nethor v2022.1.0- A free packet analyzer and visualization tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/14   BriskBard v3.2.0- Web browser with email, FTP, IRC &  more built in.
 UPDATED 06/14   BriskBard v3.2.0 PORTABLE- Web browser with email, FTP, IRC & more built in.
 UPDATED 06/14   MultiClipBoardSlots v2.66- Extend the Windows Clipboard to 10 slots.
 UPDATED 06/14   RegistryChangesView v1.29- Compare snapshots of Windows registry.
 NEW 06/14   qt-fsarchiver v0.8.6-9- Program for the backup/restore of partitions in Linux.
 NEW 06/14   Lorien v0.5.0- Infinite canvas drawing/whiteboard for Windows, Linux & macOS.
 NEW 06/14   ppInk v1.8.2- An open source, on-screen annotation software.
 UPDATED 06/14   Password Safe v3.59.0- Create an encrypted username/password list.
 UPDATED 06/13   TweakNow WinSecret v1.8.0- Safely/easily explore Windows 11 hidden settings.
 UPDATED 06/13   RunAsDate v1.41- Allows you to run a program in the date/time that you specify.
 UPDATED 06/13   WinPing v2.22- Measure connections in local networks and on the Internet.
 UPDATED 06/13   Q-Dir v10.86- Free, quadro-view file management system for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/13   WinBin2Iso v5.55- Converts BIN CD images to ISO images.
 UPDATED 06/13   ThisIsMyFile v3.88- Unlock/delete locked files with this free portable app.
 UPDATED 06/13   Wagnardsoft Tools v1.0.2.1- A free, portable set of tools for PC maintenance.
 UPDATED 06/12   Greenfoot v3.7.1- Free program to teach & learn Java programming.
 UPDATED 06/12   Simutrans v123.0.1- An open source transportation simulation game.
 NEW 06/12   MYPmanager v1.3- Manage your passwords along with other credentials.
 NEW 06/12   On Screen RGB Detector v1.2- Shows the RGB value of any spot on your screen.
 NEW 06/12   Volume Calculator v1.2- Easily calculate the volume of geometric solids.
 NEW 06/12   JForum2 v2.8.1- An open source, robust discussion board system in Java.
 NEW 06/12   EightyOne Sinclair Emulator v1.29- Emulates Sinclair ZX home computers.
 NEW 06/10   PreviSat v5.0.0.10- Free, open source satellite tracking software.
 UPDATED 06/10   Bochs x86 PC emulator v2.7- Emulates AT hardware to virtualize old OSes.
 UPDATED 06/10   Double Commander v1.0.6- Open source file manager w/ side-by-side panels.
 UPDATED 06/09   PortScan and Stuff v1.89- Scan, search and ping devices on your network.
 UPDATED 06/09   Internet Processes Viewer v3.8.5.0- Details of active TCP/UDP connections.
 UPDATED 06/09   BibDesk v1.8.9- A free graphical bibTeX bibliography manager for Mac OS X.
 UPDATED 06/09   Armagetron Advanced v0. A Tron clone in 3D for Windows and Linux.
 NEW 06/09   Sunday Panzers v1.2- Smash tanks in a funny and chaotic battle!
 UPDATED 06/09   Boom Audio Player v1.0.37- An incredible, tiny audio player. No install required.
 NEW 06/08   Portmaster v0.8.13- Free/open-source firewall on steroids for Windows & Linux.
 UPDATED 06/08   ThisIsWin11 v1.2.220- An open source project similar to Power Toys for Win11. 
 UPDATED 06/08   WSCC v7.0.1.5- The free tools you need to repair Windows in one portable app.
 UPDATED 06/08   Microsoft PowerToys v0.59.0 - A set of utilities to tune & streamline Windows.
 UPDATED 06/08   Stop Chrome v2.0.2- Detects Chrome running in background so you can kill it.
 UPDATED 06/07   Termshark v2.3.0-  A terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark.
 UPDATED 06/07   BruteShark v1.2.5- Free network forensic analysis tool to inspect traffic.
 UPDATED 06/07   The Dude Network Monitor v7.3- Create a live map of your network.
 NEW 06/06   ThrottleStop v9.4.6- Monitor & correct the 3 types of CPU throttling on laptops.
 NEW 06/06   NVCleanstall v1.13.0- Install NVIDIA GeForce drivers with only parts you want.
 UPDATED 06/06   Open-Shell v4.4.170- Free tool to bring back the look of Windows 7's Start Menu.
 UPDATED 06/06   SumatraPDF v3.4.5- A free PDF, eBook, Comic Book & more reader.
 UPDATED 06/06   Apache OpenOffice Portable v4.1.11- Run OpenOffice from cloud or flash drive.
 UPDATED 06/06   Apache OpenOffice v4.1.12- Free office suite for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
 UPDATED 06/04   FreeCAD v0.19.3- An open-source parametric 3D modeler.
 UPDATED 06/04   CyberChef v9.38.6- Cyber tools from UK Government Code & Cypher School.
 UPDATED 06/04   Notepad++ v8.4.2- A free, open source, multi-language source code editor.
 UPDATED 06/03   Warzone 2100 v4.2.7- Free real-time strategy game with over 400 technologies.
 NEW 06/03   WindEdit v0.9- A high performace text editor for huge file and long lines.
 NEW 06/03   WindTerm v2.4.1- Quicker & better SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp client for DevOps.
 UPDATED 06/03   RCFV v1.0.2296.4753- A powerful text filtering tool for journalists/researchers.
 UPDATED 06/02   cStatus v1.2.7.1- A free reliable tool to scan and monitor the network.
 UPDATED 06/02   Clicador v2.1.0.5- A simple, fast and free auto clicker for Windows.
 UPDATED 06/02   hMailServer v5.6.8-2574- A  free, open source, e-mail server for Windows. 
 UPDATED 06/02   ChromeHistoryView v1.50- Displays/saves the history file of Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 06/02   Restart on Crash v1.6.3- Auto-relaunches any program that hangs or crashes.
 UPDATED 06/02   NewFileTime v6.22- Manipulate the timestamp of any file or folder.
 NEW 06/01   TURGEN v9.0.2- Create & transfer tapes with software for Atari 8-bit computers.
 UPDATED 06/01   ProcessKO v5.78- Quickly kill a running or hanging process in Windows.
 UPDATED 06/01   OpenCloseDriveEject v3.01- Get control over your optical and removable drives.
 UPDATED 06/01   Ventoy v1.0.75- An open source tool to create a bootable USB drive for ISO files.
 UPDATED 06/01   Deskreen v2.0.1- Turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer.
 NEW 05/31   SophiApp v1.0.0.62- Free, open-source app for fine-tuning Win 10 and Win 11.
 UPDATED 05/31   PrivaZer v4.0.44- Clean your computer usage tracks in one click for free.
 UPDATED 05/31   O&O ShutUp10++ v1.9.1430- Free tool to stop Win 10 & 11 from spying on you.
 UPDATED 05/29   Muscle Cars Theme Pack- Theme pack of muscle cars from a bygone era.
 UPDATED 05/29   Microsoft Edge Browser (Latest)- Microsoft's newest Chromium-based browser.
 UPDATED 05/29   AutoHideMouseCursor v5.01- Auto hide the mouse cursor, if it does not move.
 UPDATED 05/29   FileZilla Client Portable v3.59.0- Portable version of the popular FTP client.
 UPDATED 05/29   Pocket Radio Player v220529- Free Shoutcast/IceCast compatible internet radio.
 UPDATED 05/29   ViVeTool-GUI v1.6.1- Enable, disable hidden features in Windows Insider builds.
 UPDATED 05/29   Blank And Secure v7.01- Free, portable tool to securely delete files.
 UPDATED 05/29   StopSnooze v1.0.4- A console app which prevents Windows from sleeping.
 UPDATED 05/27   Folder Monitor v1.3.0.0- Monitors what happens in a folder and alerts you.
 UPDATED 05/27   PopMan v1.3.13- Safely view/filter/delete emails from server before downloading.
 UPDATED 05/27   Everything v1.4.1.1017- Search engine that locates files/folders instantly.
 UPDATED 05/26   Honeyview v5.47- Fast image viewer supporting compressed image files.
 UPDATED 05/26   Spencer v1.27- A free Windows XP style start menu for Windows 10 and 11.
 UPDATED 05/26   darktable v3.8.1- Free, open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom.
 NEW 05/25   Hasleo Windows ISO Downloader v1.0- Download Win 8.1/10/11 from Microsoft.
 NEW 05/25   Yet Another Key Displayer v1.3- Assist your viewers by displaying pressed keys.
 UPDATED 5/25   Moonlight v4.1.0- Stream your games from computer to any mobile device.
 UPDATED 05/25   QOwnNotes v22.5.3- Plain-text notepad with ownCloud/Nextcloud integration.
 UPDATED 05/25   Paint.NET v4.3.11- Free, full-featured image and photo editing software.
 UPDATED 05/25   Clonezilla v3.0.0-26- Free, open source hard drive imaging/cloning program.
 NEW 05/24   Betterbird v91.9.1- A fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird on steroids.
 UPDATED 05/24   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v4.5.9.198/1.0.55330- Removes malware & spyware.
 UPDATED 05/24   LockHunter Portable v3.4.3- Delete files blocked by unknown processes.
 UPDATED 05/24   Personal Backup v6.2.14.0- A completely free backup program for Windows.
 UPDATED 05/24   Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.3- Remove large amounts of applications quickly.
 UPDATED 05/23   Antivirus Live CD v39.0-0.104.2- A live, bootable CD/USB for removing viruses.
 UPDATED 05/23   Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant v17.00.8433.013- Fix Microsoft issues.
 UPDATED 05/23   Vampix v1.10.4.23- Makes nice color/black & white effects for your pictures.
 UPDATED 05/23   Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit v1.62.0.1252- Free tool to remove malware. 
 UPDATED 05/23   StarCraft Anthology v1.0.0.2716- The original Starcraft for Windows & MacOS.
 UPDATED 05/23   DirPrintOK v6.31- Print & save directory contents & directory structures.
 NEW 05/22   EventLook v1.0.1.0- A fast, portable alternative to Windows Event Viewer.
 UPDATED 05/22   NirLauncher v1.23.60- A free Swiss Army Knife of tools for computer techs.
 UPDATED 05/22   SIV (System Information Viewer) v5.64- Complete computer/network info.
 NEW 05/22   Web Link Communications Security Inspector v1.3.2- Check links pre-opening.
 Notice 05/22   Our daughter got herself hitched in the UK (Welcome to the family, Cody!) and we were locked out of the US with Covid for 20 days, but we are finally HOME!!! Now... back to work. Thank you for all of your support and donations that kept us eating food and sleeping on beds in the UK. We really, really appreciate it and love you all!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Randy & Deanna
 Notice 05/02   We are on our first vacation in 15 years! We'll be back. - Randy & Deanna
 NEW 04/29   HopToDesk v1.1.9.0- Free remote desktop software comparable to TeamViewer.
 NEW 04/29   qb64 v2.0.2- Extended BASIC+OpenGL language w/ QB4.5/QBasic compatibility.
 UPDATED 04/29   Malwarebytes AdwCleaner v8.3.2- Free tool to remove adware and malware.
 NEW 04/28   Q Light Controller+ v4.12.4- Free software to control DMX or analog lighting.
 UPDATED 04/27   Barbara vs Zombies v1.0- Kill zombies, meet your weird neighbors, pet cats.
 UPDATED 04/27   Fan Control v111- Free, customizable fan control software for Windows 10/11.
 UPDATED 04/27   GParted Live v1.4.0-1- Free, bootable partition editor for Windows, Mac & Linux.
 UPDATED 04/26   FlightGear-Flight Simulator v2020.3.13- Very popular, open source flight sim.
 UPDATED 04/26   Telegram Desktop v3.7.2- Messaging app focused on speed/security.
 UPDATED 04/26   WebChangeMonitor v22.04- Monitors multiple web pages and tracks changes.
 UPDATED 04/26   Shotcut v22.04.25- A free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
 NEW 04/26   WinfrGUI v1.0.0- Free GUI for Microsoft's Windows File Recovery tool.
 UPDATED 04/25   Transcendence v1.9.402- Space combat & exploration in a dangerous galaxy.
 UPDATED 04/25   fldigi v4.1.20- Free ham radio digital modem application for Win/macOS/Linux.
 UPDATED 04/25   Revo Uninstaller Free v2.3.8- A free utility to remove stubborn programs.
 UPDATED 04/25   SUPERAntiSpyware Free v10.0.1246- Removes malware, spyware & adware.
 UPDATED 04/21   Krita v5.0.5- Free sketching & painting program for Win,Mac & Linux.
 UPDATED 04/21   VLC media player v3.0.17.4- Open source multimedia player for audio & video.
 UPDATED 04/21   VirtualBox v6.1.34- Create virtual machines in Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
 NEW 04/21   FreeFileSync v11.20- Open source folder comparison & synchronization.
 UPDATED 04/21   GrandPerspective v2.6.3- Free app that graphically displays Mac disk usage.
 NEW 04/20   Black Flowers Theme v1.0- An HD Black Flowers desktop theme for Win 11/10/8.
 NEW 04/20   Doctor Who Theme v1.0- An HD Doctor Who desktop theme for Win 11/10/8/7.
 NEW 04/20   Patrick Theme v1.0- An HD Patrick desktop theme for Win 11/10/8/7.
 NEW 04/20   F-35 Lightning II Theme v1.0- An HD F-35 desktop theme for Win 11/10/8.
 NEW 04/20   Valorant Theme v1.0- An HD Valorant desktop theme for Win 11/10/8.
 NEW 04/20   Overwatch Theme v1.0- An HD Overwatch desktop theme for Win 11/10/8/7.
 NEW 04/20   Minecraft Theme v1.0- An HD Minecraft desktop theme for Win 11/10/8/7.
 UPDATED 04/20   FastStone Image Viewer v7.6- Free image browser, converter and editor.
 UPDATED 04/20   RosarioSIS v8.9.2- Free student information system for school management.
 UPDATED 04/20   CudaText v1.162.0.3- A free, cross-platform, open source text editor.
 UPDATED 04/20   ConEmu v220418- Advanced console window to run any shell of your choice.
 NEW 04/19   Power Saver v0.1.0- Auto manages power plans based on running processes.
 NEW 04/17   Disable/Move/Reset Password for Expired AD Accounts v1.0- Powershell script.
 UPDATED 04/17   MPC-HC (Media Player Classic-Home Cinema) v1.9.21.2 - Free audio/video player.
 UPDATED 04/17   Dock Folders v1.23- A simple tool to get a quick & elegant access to your files.
 UPDATED 04/15   Tor Browser v11.0.10- Open source browser to use the Internet anonymously.
 NEW 04/15   ReadSpeed v1.0.7664.1- Hyper-accurate mass storage performance benchmark.
 REINSTATED   Recuva v1.53.2078- Free program to recover your deleted files quickly & easily.
 UPDATED 04/14   SmartFix v2.4.5.0- Fixes common Windows issues from Recovery Environment.
 UPDATED 04/14   CPU-Z v2.01- Gathers info on the main devices in your system.
 NEW 04/14   LibreWolf v99.0- A fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.
 UPDATED 04/14   PeaZip v8.6.0- RAR, TAR, ZIP archive utility that supports 200+ file extensions.
 UPDATED 04/13   Open General 2021-12-15- Recreation of Panzer General II/5 Star General Series.
 UPDATED 04/13   Policy Plus vJune 2021- Local Group Policy editor for all Windows editions.
 UPDATED 04/13   Pale Moon v29.4.6- An Open Source, Goanna-based web browser.
 UPDATED 04/13   OpenLoco v22.04- Re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion game.
 UPDATED 04/13   Windows 10 ISO Download Tool v1.2.1.13- Easily download versions of Win 10.
 UPDATED 04/13   Start Everywhere v1.3.1.14- Free tool to launch anything quickly from desktop.
 UPDATED 04/13   Cherrytree v0.99.47- A free, hierarchical note taking app and todo list.
 NEW 04/12   Weylus v0.11.4- Use your tablet as graphic tablet/touch screen on your computer.
 UPDATED 04/12   MediaCreationTool.bat 2022.03.20- Script to download any version of win10/11.
 NEW 04/11   Electronic Evidence Workbook 2022- Workbook from course at UTAustin.
 UPDATED 04/11   SystemRescue v9.0.2- Free, Linux-based, bootable system rescue & repair tool.
 NEW 04/10   Turtle Arena v0.7- Why would you NOT want Quake 3 Arena with Turtles?
 UPDATED 04/10   BabelMap Portable v14.0.0.2- Free app to type nearly 144,000 characters.
 NEW 04/10   Travesty v2.0- An open source parody text generator.
 UPDATED 04/08   USBDeview v3.03- Lists all current & previously connected USB devices.
 UPDATED 04/08   Kabuu Video Downloader v1.1.0- A bundleware-free YouTube downloader.
 UPDATED 04/08   OBS Studio v27.2.4- Open source software for video recording & live streaming.
 NEW 04/08   PhotoLocator v2022.3.31.0- Open source photo geotagging & location browsing.
 NEW 04/07   Firefox Multi-Account Containers v8.0.6- Separate accounts into colored tabs.
 UPDATED 04/07   Privacy Badger v2021.11.23.1- Stops advertisers & third-party web trackers.
 UPDATED 04/07   ColorConsole v6.33- Free tool to colorize your Windows Console. 
 UPDATED 04/07   BrowserDownloadsView v1.41- Displays the details of downloaded files.
 NEW 04/06   endless-sky-high-dpi v0.9.14- High-DPI graphics for Endless Sky video game.
 UPDATED 04/06   Endless Sky v0.9.14- An open source space exploration, trading & combat game.
 UPDATED 04/06   Brave v1.37.111- Free Chromium-based browser with unmatched speed/security.
 UPDATED 04/06   Imagine v1.1.4- A freeware image and animation viewer for Windows.
 NEW 04/06   PORTABLE Registrator v1.0- Register portable apps as default apps in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/04   RegCool v1.315- An advanced registry editor with features missing in regedit.
 UPDATED 04/04   TweakPower v2.015- Free & junkware-free program to tune-up your computer.
 UPDATED 04/04   HDCleaner v2.022 Comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance in Windows.
 UPDATED 04/04   USB Image Tool v1.84- Creates images of USB flash drives and MP3 players.
 UPDATED 04/04   SyMenu v7.01.8127- The largest suite of utilities ever made for your flash drive.
 UPDATED 04/04   Don't Sleep v8.73- Prevents shutdown, restart, sleep and hibernate of Windows.
 UPDATED 04/03   FolderTimeUpdate v1.61- Syncs 'Modified Time' of folders with time of files in it.
 UPDATED 04/03   Blender v3.1.2- A free, open source 3D animation and #gamedev suite.
 NEW 04/01   WordCreator v2.20- A free program to create words and count texts.
 UPDATED 04/01   PortableApps.com Platform v21.2.2- A menu for all of your portable apps.
 UPDATED 03/31   Visual Code Studio v1.66.0- A lightweight but powerful source code editor.
 UPDATED 03/31   LibreOffice Portable Fresh v7.3.1- Run LibreOffice from cloud folder/ext. drive.
 UPDATED 03/31   LibreOffice Productivity Suite v7.3.2- Free, open source office suite.
 NEW 03/31   MyArp v1.2- An alternative command line program to Microsoft's Arp program.
 NEW 03/31   A Ruler For Windows v3.6.1- A free pixel ruler & reading guide for Windows.
 NEW 03/31   A Viewer For Windows v1.4.1- A free program to easily view and edit images.
 NEW 03/30   JSoko v2.02- A free Sokoban game implemented in Java with skins.
 UPDATED 03/30   Sokoban YASC v1.667- Richly featured, free Sokoban puzzle game.
 UPDATED 03/30   QuickImageComment v4.48- Edit EXIF, IPTC, XMP properties of images.
 UPDATED 03/28   OK.Its.Raining.Men v2.01- Creates magical raindrops on your desktop.
 UPDATED 03/28   Stellarium v0.22.0- A free, open source planetarium for your computer.
 UPDATED 03/28   bas55 v1.19- An implementation of the Minimal BASIC programming language.
 NEW 03/27   YAT v2.4.1- Engineering, testing and debugging of serial communication.
 UPDATED 03/27   Tugeny v2.2- A free, open source tournament organization software.
 UPDATED 03/27   IrfanView v4.60- A fast, compact and free image viewer and converter.
 UPDATED 03/25   FanCtrl v1.4.7- Free tool to automatically control the fan speed on your PC.
 UPDATED 03/25   Stickies v10.1b- Sticky notes for your desktop with tons of features.
 UPDATED 03/25   Tweak UIX v0.20.0- A recreation of Microsoft's original PowerToys.
 NEW 03/25   Tweakomatic v1.1.0- The old Tweakomatic reloaded for modern Windows.
 UPDATED 03/24   Process Hacker v3.0.4706- Tool to monitor system, debug and detect malware.
 NEW 03/23   AMD Auto-Detect and Install Tool v22.3.1- Auto finds & installs AMD drivers.
 NEW 03/23   Lapce v0.0.11- Lightning-fast and powerful code editor written in Rust.
 NEW 03/23   dirhtml v4.871- A free index.html generator for Windows or via Wine on Linux.
 UPDATED 03/23   CrystalDiskMark v8.0.4a- Free program to benchmark the performance of disks.
 UPDATED 03/23   GeekUninstaller v1.4.9.151- Program uninstaller that removes leftovers.
 UPDATED 03/22   Aomei Backupper Standard v6.9.1-  Free Windows backup software.
 UPDATED 03/22   OpenRGB v0.7- Open source RGB lighting control for Windows, Linux, MacOS.
 UPDATED 03/22   Attack Surface Analyzer v2.3.277- Reports on potential security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 03/22   CHMOD Calculator v1.0.0.2- Tells you what number to use to chmod a file.
 UPDATED 03/22   Crater v6.0.6- Free invoice app for individuals and small businesses.
 UPDATED 03/22   NZXT CAM v4.34.1- Free hardware monitoring solution with game over-lay.
 UPDATED 03/21   WA2L/WinTools v1.2.06- End user utilities to launch from the "Send To" menu.
 NEW 03/18   AutoShutdown v1.0.0- Shuts down computer when certain conditions are met.
 UPDATED 03/18   Cryptomator v1.6.5/1.6.6- Free client-side encryption for your cloud files.
 UPDATED 03/18   Calibre v5.39.0- Open source e-book library management application
 UPDATED 03/18   OutlookAddressBookView v2.35- Show info on recipients in addressbook.
 UPDATED 03/18   IPNeighborsView v1.01- Displays the IP neighbor table of your local computer.
 UPDATED 03/18   MobileFileSearch v1.42- Search files inside a smartphone or tablet.
 UPDATED 03/18   FileAccessErrorView v1.30- Displays errors of programs accessing files.
 UPDATED 03/17   Autorun Organizer v5.17- Windows startup manager with VirusTotal scanning.
 REMOVED   Easy RoboCopy v1.0.15- Latest version contains adware and malware.
 UPDATED 03/16   Booville v2.0- A free car racing game for casual gamers, based on TORCS.
 UPDATED 03/16   Nmap Security Scanner v7.92- Open source utility for network auditing.
 UPDATED 03/16   ReactOS v0.4.14- Open source O.S. w/ NT4,2K,XP,2003 compatibility.
 UPDATED 03/14   Kaspersky Products Remover v1.0.1949- Removes all Kaspersky programs.
 UPDATED 03/14   QuickTextPaste v7.88- Insert pre-defined text into programs with hotkeys.
 UPDATED 03/14   SimpleWMIView v1.50- Displays the result of WMI queries in a simple table.
 UPDATED 03/14   FileActivityWatch v1.66- Shows info of read/write/delete operation of files.
 NEW 03/13   Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder v1.2- Find/remove duplicate photos.
 UPDATED 03/13   Discord portable v1.0.9004-11- Portable version of the popular VoIP app.
 UPDATED 03/13   Linux Reader v4.12- Get access to files on a Linux partition using Windows.
 UPDATED 03/13   Windows Update Blocker v1.7- Take control of the update process in Windows.
 UPDATED 03/13   Domination (Risk Board Game) v1.2.4- A free Risk clone with hundreds of maps.
 NEW 03/11   Pacman II v1.0- A free and reeeeeeal close remake of the original Pacman.
 NEW 03/11   Flight Logs v0.7.4.1- Maintain logs of model rocket flights & fleet inventory.
 NEW 03/11   Arduino Launch Control System v0.6.0- A model rocket LCS for Arduino.
 NEW 03/11   Scid vs. PC v4.23- Chess toolkit with database, analysis & playing features.
 UPDATED 03/10   Universal Media Server v10.17.1- Open source media server for Win, Mac, Linux.
 NEW 03/09   Password Folder v2.0.5- Add password protection to a folder in an instant.
 NEW 03/09   Shark's MediaInfo Tool v21.9-3- Squeeze out every bit of info from media files.
 UPDATED 03/09   Tablacus Explorer v22.3.7- A free, tabbed file manager with Add-on support.
 NEW 03/08   WinMailPassRec v1.00- Recovers Windows Mail passwords in Windows 10/11.
 NEW 03/07   Pretty Clean v0.1.15- A free MacOS disk cleanup tool designed for developers.
 NEW 03/06   massCode v1.3.0- Free & open source code snippets manager for developers.
 NEW 03/06   HeadStart v1.0.12- Launch anything in Windows with this free, unique program.
 NEW 03/06   Ratool v1.4- Free, portable tool to control access of external storage devices.
 NEW 03/06   Fast Folder Eraser Pro v3.8- Quickly delete folders with a large number of files.
 UPDATED 03/06   CarotDAV v1.16.2- Free, simple WebDAV / FTP / SFTP / Online Storages client.
 UPDATED 03/06   DiskGenius Free (portable) v5.4.3.1328- Tool for hard drive partitioning & more.
 NEW 03/04   Skywave Linux v4.2.0- Open source software defined radio for global listening.
 UPDATED 03/04   Password Tech v3.4.2- Generate large amounts of secure passwords and more.
 UPDATED 03/03   balenaEtcher v1.7.7- Flash OS images to SD & USB drives, safely and easily.
 UPDATED 03/03   Redo Rescue: Backup and Recovery v4.0.0- Open source, bare-metal backup.
 UPDATED 03/03   TinyWall v3.2.5- A free, lightweight and non-intrusive firewall for Windows.
 UPDATED 03/03   WinToHDD v5.5- Install or clone Windows without a CD, DVD or USB drive.
 UPDATED 03/03   CID v1.2.1- Bash scripts for inserting/managing Linux computers in AD.
 UPDATED 03/03   Great Cow BASIC v0.99.01- BASIC compiler for 8 bit Microchip PIC/Atmel AVR.
 UPDATED 03/02   TightVNC v2.8.63- A free program to work remotely on another computer.
 UPDATED 03/02   ImDisk Toolkit v20220301- Mount images of hard drive, cd-rom or floppy.
 NEW 03/02   Auto Start tool v1.1- Free tool to simplify the process of creating startup items.
 UPDATED 03/01   VidCoder v7.12- Open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping & video transcoding app.
 UPDATED 03/01   The Classic Browser v8.0- A browser designed to serve YOU not corporations!
 UPDATED 03/01   NetworkUsageView v1.26- Shows network info in SRUDB.dat database.
 UPDATED 03/01   Quick Access Popup v11.5.5- Multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher.
 NEW 03/01   Dell Display Manager v1.55.2090- Productivity/manage tools for Dell screens.
 UPDATED 02/28   HE-Hardware Read & Write Utility v1.22.2.25-  Access/edit most hardware.
 UPDATED 02/28   AllDup v4.5.14- A freeware tool to find & remove duplicate files in Windows.
 NEW 02/28   The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. v2.1.0- Platformer game based on OpenGL.
 UPDATED 02/27   Chainsaw v1.1.6- ‘First-response’ capability to quickly ID threats in event logs.
 NEW 02/25   K9 Web Protection Password Cracker v1.0- Tool to recover your K9 password.
 UPDATED 02/25   InsideClipboard v1.20- Displays the binary content of format stored in clipboard.
 UPDATED 02/25   RedNotebook Portable v2.24- Free, modern journal with calendar and more.
 UPDATED 02/24   DesktopOK v9.66- Saves the position of your desktop icons and more.
 UPDATED 02/24   tinyMediaManager vv4.2.6- A media management tool written in Java/Swing.
 UPDATED 02/24   Natron v2.4.3- Open source compositing software for VFX & Motion Graphics.
 NEW 02/24   Videomass v3.5.6- A free, open source GUI for FFmpeg and youtube-dl / yt-dlp.
 UPDATED 02/24   AIMP v5.02- A free multimedia player, converter, recorder and tag editor.
 NEW 02/23   Agent DVR v3.8.0.0- A free, super advanced video surveillance platform.
 UPDATED 02/23   dnGrep v3.0.0.0- Search text files, Word documents, PDFs & archives.
 UPDATED 02/23   LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.41- Displays live info about all TCP & UDP activity.
 UPDATED 02/22   Quick Any2Ico v3.1.0.0- Portable tool to make icons out of anything for any use.
 UPDATED 02/21   WifiInfoView v2.75- Displays complete info on wireless networks around you.
 NEW 02/21   CommandStay v1.0- Force the Command Prompt window to remain open.
 NEW 02/20   NoWinLock v1.0- Disable the Lock feature in Windows 10 and 11.
 NEW 02/20   GetBackPhotoViewer v1.0- Bring back the faster Windows Photo Viewer.
 NEW 02/20   PreventPageFileSnoops v1.0- Deletes pagefile.sys on shutdown for privacy.
 NEW 02/20   KillWin11Nag v1.0- "This PC doesn't currently meet the... to run Windows 11"
 UPDATED 02/18   Macrorit Partition Expert Free v5.9.0- Portable tool to alter/resize disk partitions.
 NEW 02/18   DumpItBlue+ v2.0.2- A free Facebook forensics tool for investigators & backup.
 UPDATED 02/18   CopyChangedFiles v1.7.0.5- Copy changed files from one directory to another.
 UPDATED 02/18   MemPad v3.69- Free note taking program with a structured index.
 NEW 02/17   PersistentWindows v5.34- Keeps window positions when resolution adjusts.
 NEW 02/17   Wordle Solver v1.0- Open source Python3 script for solving Wordle puzzles.
 UPDATED 02/17   Microsoft Sysinternals Suite Feb. 16, 2022- A bundle of troubleshooting utilities.
 UPDATED 02/17   Microsoft Process Monitor v3.89- Real-time monitoring of system activity.
 UPDATED 02/17   Microsoft Autoruns v14.09- Shows and disables programs that run at boot.
 UPDATED 02/17   DeviceTool v1.1.0.20- Enable or disable devices remotely or locally.
 UPDATED 02/16   Macrium Reflect Free Ed. (Full Download) v8.0.6560- Free hard drive cloning.
 NEW 02/16   InControl v1.0.2- Manage Windows 10/11 out-of-control updating & upgrading.
 UPDATED 02/15   Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.359.251.0- Free tool to remove malware.
 UPDATED 02/15   Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.13.1.443- Detects/stops security vulnerabilities.
 UPDATED 02/15   RegRun Reanimator v13.40.2022.0208- Removes adware/spyware/malware.
 NEW 02/14   Linux Kodachi v8.15- A secure, open source Linux distribution.
 UPDATED 02/14   Trilium Notes v0.50.2- A hierarchical note taking app for personal knowledge.
 NEW 02/14   DevToysMac v0.0.7- The Swiss Army Knife of developer tools for Mac.
 UPDATED 02/14   WinSetView v2.30- Free tool to globally set Windows Explorer folder views.
 UPDATED 02/14   HeidiSQL v11.3- Free, invaluable tool for web-devs using database systems.
 UPDATED 02/14   WizTree v4.08- World's fastest, free hard disk space analyzer.
 UPDATED 02/11   PE-sieve v0.3.4- Advanced tool to detect malware running on a system.
 UPDATED 02/11   hollows_hunter v0.3.4- Detects implant PEs, shellcodes, hooks, mem patches.
 NEW 02/10   OpenPuff v4.01- An open source, professional steganography tool.
 NEW 02/10   KuKnet FileRenamer v4.0- Powerful program to rename multiple files/ folders.
 NEW 02/09   Burn v3.1.5- Simple, advanced & open source disc burning software for macOS.
 UPDATED 02/09   GSmartControl v1.1.4- Open Source HDD and SSD health inspection tool.
 UPDATED 02/09   orDrumbox v0.9.1.42- Free drum machine software for Windows, MacOS, Linux.
 UPDATED 02/09   Open Source Point of Sale v3.3.6- A free web-based point of sale application.
 NEW 02/09   OutlookAccountsView v1.00- Displays Outlook account details and passwords.
 UPDATED 02/09   WhoIsConnectedSniffer v1.28- See who's connected without scanning network.
 UPDATED 02/08   FileOptimizer v15.40.2677- Reduce file sizes without loss in quality/functionality.
 UPDATED 02/07   TrafficMonitor v1.83- Free app to monitor network speed, CPU & memory.
 NEW 02/06   Patience v2.51- A free solitaire game for Windows with over 200 games.
 UPDATED 02/05   BES – Battle Encoder Shirasé v1.8.0- Controls per-process CPU usage.
 UPDATED 02/05   Windows10Debloater v2.0- Free script to remove bloatware from Windows 10.
 UPDATED 02/05   GetPixelColor v2.33- Free tool to get the color value of a pixel on the desktop.
 UPDATED 02/04   Pioneer Space Sim v2022-02-03- Incredible and free space adventure game.
 UPDATED 02/04   StressMyPC v4.91- Free stress-testing software for your PC.
 UPDATED 02/03   Beaker Browser v1.1.0- An experimental peer-to-peer web browser.
 UPDATED 02/03   FMSLogo v8.3.0- Free programming environment for kids 6 years of age and up.
 UPDATED 02/03   TheAeroClock v7.71- Beautiful desktop clock with alpha transparency.
 NEW 02/02   GCompris v2.1- Free educational suite with activities for children age 2 to 10.
 UPDATED 02/02   Open Tax Solver v19.00- Easy-to-use program for calculating tax return forms.
 NEW 02/02   DriverPack Audio v11.11 for Win Vista/7 (x86)-  Hard to find 32bit audio drivers.
 NEW 02/02   DriverPack Audio v11.11 for Win Vista/7 (x64)-  Hard to find 64bit audio drivers.
 UPDATED 02/01   MACAddressView v1.45- Finds details of the MAC address of a product.
 UPDATED 02/01   ocenaudio v3.11.3- Free, fast & feature-packed audio editor for Win, Mac, Linux.
 NEW 02/01   Windows 11 Requirements Check Tool v1.4.0- A more sophisticated checker.
 NEW 02/01   iDailyDiary Free v4.31- Free program to take daily notes, create a journal.
 UPDATED 02/01   Info-Base v12.0- Free personal information manager and free-form database.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Plus v1.0.9- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 01/31   Sandboxie-Classic v5.55.9- Run programs in a sandbox for security & testing.
 UPDATED 01/31   Artweaver Free v7.0.11- Full-featured painting tool with realistic brushes.
 NEW 01/31   MyPhoneExplorer v1.9.0- Total control to sync between Windows & Android.
 NEW 01/30   ATC-pie v1.8.5- Highly detailed & accurate air traffic control simulator for Linux.
 UPDATED 01/30   Kid3 - Audio Tagger v3.9.1- Free tool to easily mass-tag audio files of all types.
 NEW 01/29   DriverPack Graphics A v12.06 Win 2000/XP/2003 (x86)- Graphics drivers.
 NEW 01/29   DriverPack Mass Storage v12.09 Win 2K/XP/2003 (x86)- Mass Storage drivers.
 NEW 01/28   DriverPack LAN v12.08 Win Vista/7 (x64)- Dozens of hard to find LAN drivers.
 UPDATED 01/28   Microsoft Sysmon v13.32- Resident program to monitor and log system activity.
 NEW 01/27   Sharp MZ-800 Emulator v1.07- Emulator of the 8-bit Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-700.
 UPDATED 01/27   NxFilter v4.5.4.1- A free web-filter for enterprise environments.
 UPDATED 01/27   Core Temp v1.17.1- Powerful program to monitor cpu temps & other vital info.
 UPDATED 01/27   AutoHotkey v1.1.33.10- Automate keystrokes and mouse clicks using scripts.
 UPDATED 01/27   Mem Reduct v3.4- Free application to monitor and clean system memory.
 UPDATED 01/27   Angry IP scanner v3.8.2- Open source IP address & port scanner. 
 NEW 01/26   Dooble Web Browser v2022.01.15- The free, open source scientific browser.
 UPDATED 01/26   McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool v10.3.145.0- Force removes McAfee.
 UPDATED 01/26   Find.Same.Images.OK v4.77- Find similar rotated, mirrored, zoomed pics.
 UPDATED 01/26   Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control v6.7.0.0- Control Windows Firewall.
 UPDATED 01/24   McAfee GetSusp v4.1.0.108- Free tool to isolate undetected malware.
 NEW 01/23   DevToys v1.0- A free Swiss Army knife for helping developers with daily tasks.
 UPDATED 01/23   DocFetcher v1.1.25- Search the contents of all files on your computer at once.
 NEW 01/23   MikeOS v4.6.1- An operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language.
 NEW 01/22   MPC-BE (Media Player Classic-BE) v1.6.0- Free audio/video player for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/22   EverythingToolbar v0.7.4- Everything integration for the Windows taskbar.
 UPDATED 01/21   HomeBank v5.5.4- Totally free personal accounting software.
 NEW 01/21   Aurora Screen Saver v6.0.6- Get the old screensaver from Vista back!
 UPDATED 01/21   Fix Print Spooler v1.3- Easily repairs the Windows Print Spooler Service.
 NEW 01/21   Outlook-Backup-Addin v1.10- Backup add-in for Outlook 2010 thru 2019.
 UPDATED 01/20   Rescatux v0.74- A free GNU/Linux repair cd with a wizard to guide you.
 UPDATED 01/20   Account Profile Fixer v1.6.0.0- Repair severe issues with Win user accounts.
 UPDATED 01/20   Reset Windows Update Tool v11.0.0.9- Free tool to repair Windows Update.
 UPDATED 01/20   Windows Repair Toolbox v3.0.3.4- Fastest way to download your repair tools.
 UPDATED 01/20   Boot-Repair-Disk v12-16-21- Bootable repair disk for repairing MBR, EFI, Grub.
 UPDATED 01/20   FixWin v10.2.2- Free, portable tools to fix and repair Windows problems.
 UPDATED 01/20   Dism++ v10.1.1002.1- Your job as a computer tech just got waaaay easier.
 UPDATED 01/19   simplewall v3.6.1- Free firewall tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform.
 NEW 01/19   Diaspora: Shattered Armistice v1.0- Free game based on Battlestar Galactica.
 UPDATED 01/19   Tux Paint v0.9.27- Free, award-winning drawing program for ages 3 to 12.
 NEW 01/18   Converseen v0.9.9.3- A free batch image conversion tool for Windows & Linux.
 UPDATED 01/18   MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe v4.0.2- A free Task Manager on steroids!
 UPDATED 01/18   ImageCacheViewer v1.27- Scans web browsers for recently displayed images.
 UPDATED 01/14   Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) v14.01.2022- Take full control of updates!
 UPDATED 01/14   HDDExpert v1.20.0.52- Gives info on your hard drive's (HDD or SSD) health.
 NEW 01/14   Meazure v2.1- A free program that measures, magnifies & captures the screen.
 UPDATED 01/14   OpenBoard v1.6.1- Open source teaching program for whiteboards/projectors.
 NEW 01/14   FxSound v1.1.13.0- Free software to boost your cold, boring, and quiet sound.
 UPDATED 01/14   MultiPack Visual C++ Installer v3.0- Reinstaller for all VC++ redists on Windows.
 NEW 01/13   Barrage v1.0.5- Death from above! Shoot things... shoot things a lot.
 NEW 01/13   LTris v1.2.3- Tetris clone that follows the original rules but adds some extras.
 NEW 01/13   LBreakoutHD v1.0.8- A breakout game with lots of extra goodies.
 UPDATED 01/13   RisohEditor v5.6.7- A free, portable resource editor for Win32 development.
 NEW 01/12   FreeCommander XE v2022- Easy-to-use alternative to Windows file manager.
 UPDATED 01/12   AskAdmin v1.9- Restrict access to individual applications, folders or files.
 UPDATED 01/12   PhotoResizerOK v2.22- Free tool to quickly reduce the file size of pictures.
 NEW 01/12   SecurityQuestionsView v1.00- Decrypts security questions & answers in Win10.
 NEW 01/11   ProjectLibre v1.9.3- #1 open source alternative to Microsoft Project.
 UPDATED 01/11   HandBrake v1.5.1- Convert video from any format to widely supported codecs.
 UPDATED 01/10   VeraCrypt v1.25.7- Free disk encryption software for Win/Mac/Linux.
 UPDATED 01/10   PEAnatomist v0.2.7- Shows known data structures in a PE file with analytics.
 UPDATED 01/10   WordWeb Free v10.02- A one-click look-up English thesaurus and dictionary.
 NEW 01/09   NoteTrainer PRO v4.3.09- Free program to train score reading & piano playing.
 NEW 01/09   Scheme Maker v1.4- Create cross-stitch & knitting schemes from photos.
 NEW 01/09   RocksmithToTab v1.1- Tool to export Rocksmith 2014 songs to Guitar Pro tabs.
 NEW 01/09   LPub3D v2.4.3- Free WYSIWYG editor for creating LEGO® building instructions.
 UPDATED 01/09   Kitchen Garden Aid v2.2.12- Free, easy application to design your garden.
 UPDATED 01/08   Input Director v2.1.1- Control multiple computers with one keyboard & mouse.
 UPDATED 01/08   CalcPad v1.14- A free, smart notepad that calculates answers as you type.
 UPDATED 01/07   PingInfoView v2.25- Continuously ping multiple host names and IPs at once.
 UPDATED 01/07   LoadedDllsView v1.05- Displays the DLLs loaded with all running processes.
 UPDATED 01/07   Zim v0.74.3- A free desktop wiki to take notes, make a journal or just brainstorm.
 UPDATED 01/07   PDF-Arranger v1.8.2- Merge or split pdf docs & rotate, crop & rearrange pages.
 UPDATED 01/07   ImageFinder v1.003- Free program to find & remove identical images.
 NEW 01/06   LC ISO Creator v1.1- A blast from the past freeware ISO creator with one job.
 NEW 01/06   Textadept v11.2- A fast, minimalist, extensible cross-platform text editor.
 NEW 01/06   WildBit Viewer v6.7- A compact & fast image viewer with slide show & editor.
 UPDATED 01/06   Windows 11 Debloater v1.3- Debloat Windows 11 & 3rd party programs/games.
 UPDATED 01/05   All Bitdefender Uninstall Tools 2015-2022- Zip file of all Bitdefender uninstallers.
 UPDATED 01/05   MusicBee v3.4.8033- Free program to organize, find and play music files.
 UPDATED 01/05   Rescuezilla v2.3.1- The power of Clonezilla with a much easier interface.
 UPDATED 01/05   ElevenClock v3.0.0- A secondary clock for multiple monitors in Windows 11.
 UPDATED 01/04   Open Visual Traceroute v2.0.0- Traceroute Data is displayed in a 3D or 2D map.
 UPDATED 01/04   PowerPing v1.3.3- Free, advanced command-line ping tool for Windows.
 UPDATED 01/04   OpenSong v3.4.8- Lyric projection and chord charts for church musicians.
 UPDATED 01/04   AZip v2.41- A free, portable zip archive manager with unique features.
 UPDATED 01/04   WinLogOnView v1.41- Detects the date/time that users logged on & logged off.
 UPDATED 01/03   VaultPasswordView v1.11- Decrypts/displays 'Windows Vault' passwords.
 UPDATED 01/03   ChromePass v1.56- Retrieves passwords stored by Google Chrome.
 UPDATED 01/03   ChromeCookiesView v1.68- View cookies & info in Chromium-based browsers.
 UPDATED 01/03   CredentialsFileView v1.11- Decrypts passwords/data stored in Credentials files.

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